It is essential to accustom yourself to your team members to understand their aspirations and specific challenges as a manager.

For this, you need to have a constant flow of essential conversations with your team members. And to make your conversation more meaningful and fruitful, you must put extra planning; otherwise, it’s just going to be another meeting where your teammates are going to be physically present and mentally absent.

What’s your team size? It could range from two to twenty.

Well, whatever it is, effective communication is mandatory as it is one of the 5C’s of team accountability.

Now, what’s this 5C stuff about?

If you wish to be an influential leader, you need this 5C framework to build a stronger team, and the 5C’s are Common purpose, Clear expectation, Communicate, Collaborate, and Consequence.

We are not going deeper into these terms except the Communicate part.

As a team leader, it’s your responsibility to keep your team aligned and focused. So, you need to communicate with them repeatedly, keep reminding them why what they are doing is significant, how they can improve to the next level, suggest some tools and pro tips make their task easy.

And how can you achieve this effective communication?

I would recommend periodic emails apart from the monthly team meetings, as, in this millennial period, a majority of communication occurs via email.

Yes! When you put the exemplary email practices, you can improve your team productivity and engagement.

Here are some email types or subjects that you can send to your team.

Pro tips – To be Quick and Efficient

Pro tips - To be Quick and Efficient

You can share pro tips to foster the growth of each of your team members.

Suppose that you are in the marketing team, and your goal is to acquire B2B leads.

You can suggest your team use tools to help them be quick at their task and be effective.

Here are some tools for the marketing team;


With BuzzSumo, it is pretty easy to find influencers and assess topics. This fantastic tool lets you know the trending topics in your niche.

So, your team doesn’t have to research the topic or influencers. is an email lookup tool that is specifically beneficial for the B2B marketing team.

You may have noticed your team member investing a lot of their time building the prospect list to carry out an email marketing plan.

This is because of their lack of knowledge about how to find someone’s email address by leveraging the power of email lookup tools.

There are many email search tools available in the market, and each comes with a freemium plan offering minimum credits. You can ask your team to pick around ten tools and use them for finding the email addresses of prospects.

After a certain period, you can ask your team to share their experience with each of these tools regarding customer support, data accuracy, value, etc.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Your team can measure the performance of your website in terms of traffic driven using the Google Search Console tool. This is a free tool with tremendous value.


MailChimp is one of the best email marketing tools because of its valuable audience insights that help to optimize your marketing efforts.

I leave the rest to you. Invest some time to brainstorm and identify the tools and tactics to help your team.

Trust me, and your team will love this!

Now let’s see the other email content types.

Talk About Personal and Professional Event

Talk About Personal and Professional Event

You can offer the best solution or advice only when you put yourself in their shoes.

You can recognize any private event (Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, pregnancies, etc.) and appreciate any minute contribution to organizational growth.

When you share such content with your team, it encourages them to a great extent.

Keep it Short and Sweet

If you check your teammates’ inbox, you will see many emails flowing in and hundreds of emails still unread.

So use shorter sentences that are easy-to-understand yet creative in your email. It’s best to keep it minimal with a good email design.

Final Thoughts

Your team members are the lifeblood of your organization. Hence, it’s crucial to bring the best out of them through effective communication. And in today’s world, email is the ideal way to communicate.

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