Q) What Is The BEST Description Of The Purpose Of Service Operation?

  • To design and build processes that will meet business needs
  • To proactively prevent all outages to IT Services
  • To decide how IT will engage with suppliers during the Service Management Lifecycle
  • To deliver and support IT Services at agreed levels to business users and customers

Answer: To deliver and support IT Services at agreed levels to business users and customers

ITIL Service Operation offers an objective to make sure that the delivery of IT Services stays efficient in an organization. In order to keep the consistent flow of the IT services, the ITIL service processes, and functions.

In this article we will be discussing ‘What Is The Best Description Of The Purpose Of Service Operation, is, as well as the scopes, processes, functions, and objectives. 

What Is The Best Description Of The Purpose Of Service Operation?

ITIL Service Operations

The main motto of ITIL service operations is to see whether the required service is being delivered or not, as there is a service level agreement with the business users and the customers.

The operations are essential for organizations as it is meticulously designed and the implemented processes are there to render ineffectual if the operations are not properly conducted.

A service operation also helps in improving services as periodic activities for monitoring, data gathering, and assessment metrics that are well conducted.

Scopes Of Service Operation

There are few scopes of Service Operation

  • The provided service by the service provider, the end-user, or the external supplier, all come under the scope of service operation.
  • Service management can also be placed under the scope of service operation, for it is good at providing inputs and influences the service structure, transition, and strategy.
  • Management of technology is considered to be an important part of service operations as every IT service requires technology to function.
  • Human resource is important as it manages the services and technology in order to move forward the organization. Failure of projects will occur if there is any reluctance in recognizing the need for a skilled workforce.

Business Value Of Service Operation

In the ITIL service field, each and every stage adds extra value to the business that is involved. Service design, Service Transition, and Service strategy act as important factors, while providing value to a service. The actual values are seen through processes like access management, event management, request fulfillment, incident management, and problem management.

How To Optimize Service Operation?

There are 2 ways with which it is possible to optimize service operation: Short-term ongoing improvement and long-term incremental improvement. 

1. Short-term Ongoing Improvement

This term is concerned with little improvements in working practices in the service operation without any huge change to the technology.

Such as, balancing workload, refining a process, and reassigning personnel. 

2. Long-term Incremental Improvement

This term is about the evaluation of performances and output of every function and process of the service operation. All resorts are analyzed before making a decision on the necessity of improvement needed.

A change in infrastructure and recognition of process designs are considered to be long-term Incremental improvements. 

Functions Of Service Operation

ITIL Service Operation Functions

There are 4 functions of service operation in total. 

1. Service Desk 

The service desk is the primary stage of contact, between the IT service and the end-user. 

2. Technical Management 

Technical Management provides in-depth resources and technical skills that are necessary to support the operations in the IT sectors of a particular organization. They offer their duty with helping in designing, testing, improving the present services and introducing new services. 

3. IT Operation Management

This operation looks upon the execution of the operational activities that are required every day for managing the IT infrastructure inside an organization. 

4. Application Management 

This is responsible for providing decisions like whether to make or buy a service which will be a great idea for designing, testing, and improving applications. 

Processes Under Service Operation

ITIL Service Operation Processes 

To know the processes that are for service operation are given below. 

1. Event Management 

It manages events throughout its work cycle and involves detection events by filtering them, responding to them, logging into them so that it is easy to maintain the record. 

2. Incident Management

This one is concerned to restore the disrupted services immediately and then bringing them back to the normal stage of functioning steps to minimize the impact of the disruption which affects the business. 

3. Problem Management 

Problem management finds out the root cause of the accidents and takes preventive measures to make sure that it does not repeat. 

4. Access Management 

This one deals with granting access for using the service for only authorized users and prevents unauthorized ones. Stops them from accessing. 

5. Request Management 

Request Fulfilment is concerned with low risk and less complicated changes, such as when creating a new user ID or password changes. These do not fall under the business of an organization. 

Wrapping It All Up

Here you go with ‘ what is the best description of the purpose of service operation’, along with everything related to it.

IT service operations ensure the required IT services are delivered in a proper way to the business users and clients as well. They are known to be vital for the company to work well.

They also improve the service by monitoring the activities that are happening like, gathering data systematically or assessing the metrics.

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