The logistic industry has earned its name worldwide in the United States because of its reliable service quality, speed, and efficiency.

But that doesn’t mean the industry never faced errors.

Customers often face problems while getting the product delivered, including weird notifications while the whole process is ongoing.

The main problem that almost all customers have faced with a notification they received is ‘Tendered to delivery service provider’.

Many people get confused as they don’t understand what exactly it means. I can’t blame them, it’s not the words a customer is familiar with.

In this article, we will talk about what  ‘tendered to delivery service’  actually means, what to do after getting the notification, what it means, and so on.


What Does Tendered To Delivery Service Provider Mean?

tendered to delivery service provider mean

The term is scary, I know, been there done that, but once you know what it means you won’t have to be scared anymore.

It means the parcel that you have ordered has been delivered to the last delivery unit to your nearest location. The message is sent by the last mile partner.

To make you understand more, it simply says that the package has been dropped at the post office and will be soon delivered to you without any further procedures.

What To Do Next?

This question by customers will never end, so see it coming. Now if you ask me what to do, I’ll say nothing, actually, you have nothing to do. The immediate thing you can do to get out of panic is track confirm the action, after that find your location with your parcel tracking number.

There is also a popular question that the shipping company is never bored off, is ‘when can I expect my package after being notified tendered to delivery service?’.

Nobody can answer that correctly but estimate 2 days, within 2 days you will see your parcel in the corridor.

If the same status is shown to you for 3 to 4 days, then contact the concerned team for updates.

I have just explained the main topic you were looking for. Since we are talking about this, it is my job to alert and inform about other stuff that is linked to this topic.

What Does Tendered For Delivery Means?

Tendered For Delivery

As I said, we are done with ‘tendered to delivery service’. Now let’s focus on tendered for delivery.

These words seem gibberish to you as well, I know. The panic starts when it is already running late, isn’t it?


You don’t have to worry a bit, because ‘tendered for delivery’ means your parcel is all ready for shipping. In simple words, the parcel of yours has been dispatched and the shipment company is on the way.

If patience is not your strong suit, then dial up the shipping provider company and ask them anything about the parcel shipping. I am sure they will calm you down.

What Does Tendered To Postal Service Mean?

This is another notification that can or maybe already have come to you.

This notification ‘tendered to postal service’ means your package has reached the last mile partner, which is your post office.

The post office of your city will now hand it over to you within 24 to 48 hours.

DHL Tendered To Delivery Service Provider

DHL Tendered To Delivery Service Provider

As being the global ledger in the logistics industry  DHL tendered to delivery service providers means that DHL has already passed your parcel to the USPS.

The minimum time you will have to wait is 48 to 72 hours after it is delivered to the agent for final delivery. 

This only happens with domestic shipping, mind it.

Just like DHL, there are other companies you should also know about for compact information on notifications from shipping companies, that we mostly do not get.

Therefore other companies are as follows:

Tendered To Delivery Service Provider FedEx

Remember one thing very vividly, not every notification you receive similar to the one mentioned above doesn’t always have to mean the same.

For FedEx, it means that your package is now with the USPS. 

Soon it will be delivered to your nearest post office and from there, an agent will deliver it to you finally. 

Tendered For Delivery 4px

Have you heard about 4px?. It is a shipping company made in China, but also very much popular in the USA, Australia, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

‘Tendered to delivery’ means that your parcel has been dispatched from the 4px system to the United States Postal Service.

Now the responsibility is theirs to travel the remaining miles and deliver it to you finally. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1: What Does Tendered To Delivery Service Provider Mean?

In simple words, the courier partner is done dropping your stuff at the post office. In most cases, you will use USPS as your post office rather than a normal post office. Therefore USPS now will be delivering it to you within 2-3 days.

Q2: How Long Does It Take After The Notification?

Generally, after the notification, it takes 2 days but an exception might occur and it takes more than 2 days to get delivered to you.

Q3: How Much Time Does It Take For DHL To Deliver To USPS?

Generally, 2 to 4 working days to get a parcel from DHL as mentioned in standard delivery norms. If there is an issue the days can range from 2 to 7 working days. There are many articles about DHL being a bad delivery option anyone should choose. Therefore if you get your package through DHL then get ready to be upset. 

Q4: Does ‘Tendered To Delivery Service Provider’ Mean ‘Out For Delivery’?

No, it does not exactly mean that, but it means that the service provider has got a notification for carrying the shipment to you.  

The Final Lines

Tendered to delivery service provider’ is actually no issue at all. It is a simple way to tell you that your package is going to reach you within 2-3 days, according to the shipping companies.

In some cases, the days get dragged, but it can be resolved by contacting the service provider.

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