5 Things You Can’t Spend Enough Money On

March 20, 2023

Enough Money

Money doesn’t have the power to buy everything… even if the world revolves around it! Sure they can provide a comfortable home, a trip to Thailand, or an expensive Porsche and the best independent contractor jobs, but they are not capable of filling life with meaningful memories.

After all, many billionaires have been unhappy in their lives… because they thought that with an inflated wallet, they can buy the feelings and thoughts of others. The following 5 things are definitely not secured with paper money…. even if you win the lotto!

Happiness in life… real and not material!

“Happiness”, is a word so small and at the same time so essential.

Some people need a lot of material objects to feel happy (a lot of money, a good job, trips, etc.). For others, happiness can be found in very small things, and for others, they don’t feel happy at all and are in a constant struggle to find happiness. So each of us, having different perceptions, can perceive happiness in a different way.

“What do you want to be when you grow up? Happy”. This a phrase we have heard countless times, with the aim of reminding us of what we call “the meaning of life”. If you look for definitions of happiness, you will come across different versions and characterizations. Some will tell you that “happiness is a choice” while others that we must free ourselves from the obligation of happiness to truly find it.

But the truth is one… When someone is happy, his joy overflows from everywhere… his eyes shine, the smile is constantly formed on his face and shines whole, his heart is filled with beautiful feelings, and he feels joy, excitement, warmth, and love. Really, why ask yourself, “When was the last time you felt happy?”, “How did you feel happiness in your body?”, “What emotions accompanied this happiness?”. From all the above it becomes clear that it is very difficult to give a clear definition of happiness. Happiness is something subjective, something that each of us perceives differently.

A life full of health and immortality

Our health, whether it is mental, physical, or spiritual, is something that cannot be bought, no matter how much wealth one has. It also seems that our health is something that is not completely controlled by us humans, although many times, with our abuses, we can destroy it intentionally. But anything can happen to us, at any moment in our life, and no man can know the day he will stop living.

Money can offer you better doctors, better medicines, and better accommodations in hospitals, but it cannot guarantee that all these will help you live or not get sick. And of course, it can’t buy you a day of life. Time is intangible and cannot be bought.

Real friends…

Have you ever imagined yourself without friends? Do you think you could navigate the difficulties of everyday life by yourself, being independent of everyone? I will tell you, then, that there is not a living being who can survive a week on this earth without friends, and those who succeed and live without having any, are shut up in white airy, and bright rooms, wearing beautiful blouses that tie a cross on the back, timeless and undeniable fashion…

If you sit down and think, even those who think there is no one next to you, you will find the existence of one or more persons whose contribution to your life can be opaque, but definitely priceless.

A friend is one who will listen to your sorrow and help you overcome it, who will rejoice in your joy, and who will fight for your right when it is undermined. He will never ask for anything in return, because he will simply give unselfishly, serving precisely the nature and value of the offering. He will give you what you need when you lack, but also ask if you need anything, even if you are sufficient in everything. Also, he will call to say good night, and he will remind you of his presence, in case you find yourself in need and need help. In micromanagement, you would become a close friend of your boss.

Right character, with morals

When choosing people to work with or for any kind of relationship, don’t be swayed by their reputation or the superficial image they try to project. Instead, learn to look deep into them and see their character. People’s character is formed in their early years and by their daily habits. It is what drives them to repeat certain actions in their lives and follow negative patterns. Look carefully for such patterns and remember that people never do anything just once. They will inevitably repeat their behavior.

Measure their strength of character by how well they deal with adversity, their ability to adapt and work with other people, their patience, and their ability to learn. Always turn to those who show signs of strength and avoid the many toxic types in the world. And know your own character well so you can break your compulsive patterns and take control of your destiny.

Peace on the whole planet!

Peace is undoubtedly the common desire of many people, perhaps the vast majority. It doesn’t matter how rich are your paystubs. When Mother Teresa had been invited to participate in an anti-war demonstration, she had declined and said “Call me when you have a Peace demonstration.” We can all understand what he meant.

But the issue is that there have been many anti-war demonstrations and even more in favor of peace. At times there has even been global coordination for peace with millions of participants from every corner of the world. Looking at the situation today in the Middle East and the economic situation around the world, we can easily see that after 70 years of (relative) peace, man is again ready to clash.

How do we create peace within ourselves? That’s the real question that matters. We can bring peace within ourselves as we know and accept ourselves. Only self-awareness combined with acceptance can bring peace. It is very important to realize that greed, authoritarianism, dominance, and fierce competition exist primarily in our character. The characters of millions of people create the character of their nation. And the characters of the nations create the pattern of our planet.



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