Ambuja Cement Share Price – Present Price, Forecast, Statistics In 2022

published on: June 21, 2022 last updated on: July 6, 2022
Ambuja Cement Share Price

Ambuja Cements Ltd is an active member of Holcim – a global leader in sustainable and innovative building solutions. It’s one of the leading cement manufacturers in India, known for its risk-free, home-building solutions. Its products are curated for the Indian Climatic conditions, sustainable initiatives, and operations.

These advancements in the company’s philosophy are contributing to the larger betterment of society. This makes Ambuja Cement one of the most trusted brands in the Indian Cement Industry.

To learn more about Gujarat Ambuja Cement share price, keep reading this guide till the end….

Current Ambuja Cement Share Price

The current Gujarat Ambuja Cement share price that is on June 2nd, 2022 is 371.700 INR.

Ambuja Cement Share Price Prediction

Ambuja Cement Share Price Prediction

The section below shows the Ambuja Cement share price forecast, which includes historical data as well as projections for the future. I hope the following dataset gives you a good indication of how the stock will perform by the end of 2022. Take a peek around.

1. Historical Data

DateOpening priceClosing priceMinimum priceMaximum price


Analysis: It seems from the above presented quantitative chart, the Ambuja Cement Share Price NSE India has been carrying a positive trend. Between 13th May 2022 and 1st June 2022, there will be sharp uplift in the share prices.

2. Predicted Data

DatePriceMin PriceMax Price


Analysis: The Ambuja Cement Share Price Prediction data above again exhibits a rising graph.From 1st June 2022 to 15th June 2022, the health of the share will maintain a positive outlook.

52 Week High And Low Of Ambuja Cement Share Price

Here are the 52-week high and low figures. I’ve provided both historical and predicted data. Now you can clearly visualize the yearly trading difference.

1. Historical Data

52 Week High52 Week Low

2. Predicted Data

52 Week High52 Week Low


Bullish Or Bearish

Bullish Or Bearish


Analysis: As per the current statistics, Ambuja Cements share, and the market climate overall, have been in a bullish cycle. This is continuing over the previous 12 months. Stocks in the Other Manufacturing sector appear to have been popular recently.

Ambuja Cement Share Price Performance By 2027

Ambuja Cement Share Price Performance By 2027


Analysis: The graphical diagram above shows that the price of SBE stock will climb steadily from April 2023 to April 2016. The SBE stock estimate for 2025 and 2026 is adequate to show you how lucrative the long-term profit potential is.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. What Is The Ambuja Cement Share Price Today?

The current Ambuja Cement share price that is on June 2nd, 2022 is 371.700 INR.

Q2. Will Ambuja Cement Share?

Yes, the Ambuja Cement Share Price could go up from 371.700 INR to 444.367 INR within a single year.

Q3. Is It Profitable To Invest In Ambuja Cement?

Yes, according to the present Ambuja Cement share health, the long-term earning potential is +19.55% in a single.

Q4. What Would Be The Ambuja Cement Share Price In 5 Years?

The Ambuja Cement Share Price is expected to reach 739.287 INR within the next 5 years, that is by 2027.

Q5. Would Ambuja Cement Share Price Crash?

Ambuja Cement Share Price Prediction, this is not going to happen; at least within the upcoming 5 years.

The Verdict – Is Ambuja Cement Share Investment Worthy In 2022?

In the future, there will be a favorable trend, and Ambuja Cements Ltd shares may be an excellent place to invest for profit. We suggest you include this share in your portfolio. It’s because, it has a bright, positive outlook. Trading is easier in the bull market environment. Thus, you may wish to consider these stocks under certain market situations. However, if you are a rookie in the investment market, always research the best investment tricks and tips.

Disclaimer: Respected Readers, the Ambuja Cement Share price facts, and the data we presented above are all assumptions. All the data refers to those present on the leading cryptomarket websites. The actual values might be different on the basis of the market situation. Please note that share/stock prices are subject to market risks. Read all the documents and examine them carefully before investing.

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