How to Become a Successful Forex Trader

published on: July 18, 2017 last updated on: May 13, 2021
Forex trader

Many people that are starting to do forex trading are usually unprepared for the lies ahead and end up going through the same life cycle. They start by diving in with the head and losing their first account then either give up or take a back step to open a demo account for practice. People who open a demo account end up opening another live account with more experience for success. They will either make a profit or break even.

Create a trading strategy

Why does the best forex broker tell you to focus on the medium term and not long-term or medium term strategies? You will realize that long-term and short term strategies require a lot of capital for generating leverage and covering volatility. Even though these traders are in the market, they are individuals who hold high net worth or have large funds. If you are a retail trader, you need to come up with medium term strategies that will give you a competitive edge in the market.

If you want success as a forex trader, you need to possess a clear vision of how the market will move and the possible actions you need to implement. There are many strategies you can choose like becoming a swing trader, a positional trader, or a scalper. Developing a strategy may take some time because it is a trial and error procedure. You need to understand what you are doing and the reasons for doing it.

Not over trading on a demo account

Many individuals desire to become forex traders but do not make it. The best forex broker says that a professional forex trader can do it for a living. The only method you can use to cover your expenses is through the use of a live account. Using a demo or paper account will not pay your bills. Immediately you know that you are ready, you can switch to a live account to trade seriously. If you have a demo account, you need to look towards opening a live one. It is hard to determine when to switch to a live account, but you need to know that it does not have to take over one month. You need to understand the market and the risks involved in the trade before starting to trade.


The best forex brokers recommend that you do not require a lot of money to trade because you need to trade on a margin. An average broker needs to have at least three hundred dollars but having two thousand dollars is preferred so that you trade with a buffer in case of losses. You do not want to risk all this money, but it is just having a cushion so that you are not forced from the trade that happens due to small balances.

Finding entry and exit points

The key to locating entry points is looking for the moments when all indicators are pointing in the same direction. Additionally, the signals of all time frames have to support direction and timing of the trade. It is, therefore, ideal to place exit points for profits and losses before placing the trade. You need to place these points at key positions and modify them if only there a change in the premise of your trade.


The best forex broker says that anybody can make money in trading. However, it requires a well-defined strategy that runs on patience. Moreover, if you approach the market through a medium-term strategy that is carefully thought out, you will avoid becoming a casualty in the forex market.

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