GOP Debate: Bidenomics, Gas Prices Instantly Jump Into The Cross-Hairs

published on: August 24, 2023 last updated on: December 4, 2023

The first Republican debate kicked off on Wednesday night in Milwaukee with the country song Rich Men North of Richmond” by Oliver Anthony, which had topped the charts despite controversies.

A line from the song, for instance, was –

“Lord, we got folks in the street, ain’t got nothin’ to eat.”

Moderators from Fox News, Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum employed that as an initial point, questioning the team of eight GOP candidates about Bidenomics. The conversation rapidly took two turns. The first one walked towards mudslinging both President Joe Biden’s economic reforms and one another.

“We must reverse Bidenomics so middle-class families have a chance to succeed again,”

Said Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Energy was the key theme that had immediately emerged. Light was thrown on both the condition of higher prices and the energy sector in America. Senator Tim Scott brought the two topics together as soon as possible.

“Bidenomics has led to the loss of $10,000 of spending power for the average family,”

he added.

“When you see 16% inflation, your gas was up 40%, your food is up 20%, your electricity is up 20%. We can stop that by turning the spigot off in Washington.”

Inflation had hit its peak in 2022, a slight increase from 9%.

“We need to lower your gas prices… We will be energy dominant again in this country,”

DeSantis said.

The noticeable point was the one that had echoed when the candidates sounded off – the idea that the energy policies in the US are fundamentally broken.

“We’re paying too much for energy in our state, in our country right now,”

North Dakota Governor Asa Hutchinson added.

“Part of the reason why is because of the Biden policies on energy. We’ve got a plan right now, the $1.2 trillion Green New Deal… that’s something that’s just subsidizing China, and if we’re going to stop buying oil from the Middle East, and start buying batteries from China, we’re just trading OPEC for Sinopec.”

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