10 Easy To Use Ways To Boost Gaming Internet Speed In No Time

published on: August 16, 2022 last updated on: October 27, 2022
Gaming Internet Speed

When gaming, your internet should be stable, should offer the right gaming internet speed, and provide a lag-free experience. However, most of us don’t enjoy such luxuries while playing games, which is why most of us aren’t pros.

Even though your gaming skills matter, still, having poor internet will get you nowhere in your gaming career. With that said, we want you to remain calm by using the following 10 tips, you’ll get everything sorted for sure.

Checkout Some Easy Use Ways To Boost Gaming Internet Speed:

Boost Gaming Internet Speed

These 10 tried and tested tips will surely help improve the overall gaming internet speed, giving you the impeccable performance that you’re looking for. So, let’s not keep you waiting any longer! Dive in,

1. Upgrade To A Reliable Internet Plan

The first thing you need to do is shift to a reliable internet plan from a renowned internet provider. Finding the best internet provider, in this case, is important since you can only enjoy top gaming internet speed if you have a stable connection.

We recommend Windstream as it’s well-known for offering smooth connectivity and stable internet speeds. You can visit its website or contact support for knowing what internet plans it’s offering and choose one today for a care-free internet experience.

2. Clear Browser Cache

A good way of improving your internet speed for gaming is by clearing the cache. The cache is temporary storage that stores the most immediate/ frequently used processes. They are kept ready on the go, and as a user clicks them, the system/ web browser loads them right away.

That is why cache uses juice from the internet so that these processes remain ready. You can either clear the cache or upgrade to a bigger memory. That way its storage won’t be affected and even your games can be loaded via cache.

3. Disconnect Additional Devices

Your additional devices can consume the internet and can decrease the amount of internet speed for your gaming purposes. For avoiding this, you can choose an internet plan that offers more speed and bandwidth. This way, you can accommodate multiple devices simultaneously.

Or, you can prioritize devices and disconnect those that don’t need to be connected to the internet all the time. This will help reduce the overall internet distribution among the devices.

4. Upgrade Your Internet Router

You need to check whether your internet router is good enough to support your network needs or not. Old internet routers don’t have modern features and their firmware updates don’t support the latest network needs (security, etc.)

That is why getting your hands on the latest model of an internet router is important. You can buy budget internet routers easily that will fulfill your requirements without a hassle.

5. Place Your Router Ideally

While you’re opting to buy a new router, you can also change the location of your router to ensure your gaming internet speed isn’t disturbed. Router placement makes it easier to capture signals for uninterrupted internet speed. Therefore, you should place it in an open area yet near your gaming setup so that there’s no signal interference.

6. Use LANs

Apart from internet routers, you should opt for LANs. LANs make it easier to enjoy seamless internet connectivity without any sort of signal disruption. Also, it brings smooth speed that remains protected from interference such as in the case of internet routers.

If you want, you can also use powerline adapters that will allow you to connect to LANs via electrical cords without having a wire mess in your place.

7. Dedicate A Chunk Of Internet Speed

When using the internet for gaming, you can dedicate a chunk of internet speed to certain processes and devices. This makes it easier for you to minimize additional devices consuming more juice and have better internet connectivity for your gaming needs.

8. Upgrade Network Drivers

A good reason why your internet isn’t doing much for your gaming needs is that your network drivers might be outdated. Sometimes when the drivers aren’t updated they fail to provide necessary workability. Moreover, it can minimize coordination with your internet router, which will ruin the overall experience too.

9. Get A Gaming Router

There’s one thing that you won’t regret when it comes to ensuring gaming internet speed having a gaming router. Gaming routers are amazing when it comes to network speed, coverage, and signal strength.

You don’t have to worry about its placement or its performance. Even though they are costlier than regular routers, still, if you have the budget, going for it won’t disappoint you at all. Plus, it gives the same performance as an internet LAN so that’s a perk not to miss, given your internet speed is good too.

10. Try Rebooting

In case you’ve done everything and still don’t see a difference, try rebooting your internet device. Many times rebooting the device reconnects it to your internet provider and transfers data packets again but without issues or breakpoints.

In addition, rebooting might also send the router into updates, which when completed, will re-run the device with a better performance. You can set it to automatic or manual reboot as needed especially when you’re gaming.

Closing Thoughts

Well, there you have it! You now know some amazing tips for securing amazing gaming internet speed. All you have to do is to run these and check for yourself. Your performance will likely be enhanced and your gaming experience will surely be uplifted. Just make sure your internet provider offers the true internet speed that you’ve opted for in your internet plan.

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