Best Business Credit Cards: Are They Worth?

May 24, 2024

Business Credit Cards

Why Use a Small Business Credit Cards Instead of a Personal Card?

Why Use a Small Business Credit Card Instead of a Personal Card

Most people think Business Credit Cards are something unique. But I tell you- they are just like our regular credit cards. Use the limit; pay back later. 

So why use these cards?

They have some edgy features that help small businesses. For instance, business owners can enjoy travel and receive bonuses for any business purchase. At the same time, they can track and manage their spending, too. Let’s see how these features can help small business owners.

Separate Your Business Finances

Do you have a dedicated business credit card for your small business operations?

It will help you to make and track office expenses. However, you can get another personal finance card for yourself.

Draws A Distinct Line Between Your Business and Personal Life

I’ll give an example to help you understand how business credit card features help you separate and manage finances. 

Suppose you have the PNC Visa® Business Credit Card. It offers two essential amenities. 

  • 0% introductory APR offer on any kind of balance transfers, applicable for the first 13 billing cycles. 

Rationale: Understandably, you must make repeated transfers when running a business. You can use your business credit cards tension-free if you have 0% APR during the whole cycle. 

  • Online easy account management benefits with the “Account View” feature. 

Rationale: As I said, a small business needs to make frequent petty cash transactions (read as card transactions). So, it’s difficult for a small business owner to track expenses. 

But, with this “Account View” feature, you get a detailed view of the spending time, instances, individual expense details, and segregation of spending as per category. 

Makes Managing Cash Flow Easier

A business credit card must-have features like the “Account View.” For instance, the Mastercard® Business Rewards Credit Card lets you link your expense categories with business goals. 

So, when you use a credit card for business, your transaction data is automatically recorded. The card categorizes the type of expense (for example, vendor payment) and links it with a business goal. 

Start Building Credit for Your Business

Start building credit for your business

A small business can experience dynamic episodes of cash crunch. Does that mean your company would stop?


What are Business Credit Cards for?

You can easily do credit card business payments. You don’t have to pay your invoice from your pocket until the following billing cycle. 

Easy Way to Establish Credit for Future Growth

How does the above process help your business? 

Suppose you had cash leverage. Use it to pay off your credit card bills. Don’t wait for the end of the billing cycle. 

If you do that, your creditworthiness increases. In the future, your small business will grow. If you have a higher credit limit (say $150000, for instance), it will help you to manage your finances better. 

You can cover up the contingent costs without a pocket pinch. 

Ensures You Have Credit Available When Needed

 Why do I suggest paying off business creditcard bills whenever possible? It will free up your credit limit. It will also increase the chances of getting a higher credit limit. 

Maintain Control Over Spending

Maintain control over spending

You already know that Business Credit Cards can be your finance managers. 

Easily Track Company Transactions With Quickbooks

Green Dot Bank issues QuickBooks. This is an online business finance management tool. It works across multiple vendors. So, it will help you to manage your finances if you have a business creditcard from any of these vendors:

  • USAA
  • Wells Fargo
  • Chase Bank
  • American Express
  • CitiBank
  • Capital One
  • Bank of America
  • PNC Financial Services 

What can it do for you?

  • Send customized invoices and track and document those 
  • Record all expenses within the taxation period (denote the incremental percentage of costs)
  • Give access to cloud data to store finance management data
  • Restrict the limit and usage type of your employee credit cards 

Platinum Plus® Mastercard® Business card gives you employee credit cards at no additional cost. However, you can use QuickBooks to limit its use. 

Keep Your Business Humming

Keep your business humming

Credit cards for small businesses are the perfect leverage. 

Perfect For Day-to-day Purchases

A Business credit card is a way to pay for micro expenses daily. However, you must track your payments also. 

Offers Cash Back Rewards or Travel Rewards

 Haven’t talked about the best feature of bussiness credit card yet?

Well, here you do. You get a multitude of cash bonuses and rewards against your expenses. I will help you understand this with a few examples here. 

The Business Advantage Unlimited Cash Rewards Mastercard gives flat 1.5% cash back against every transaction

Again, the Alaska Airlines Business credit card offers miles as rewards for using the car for business travel-related areas. 

Business Credit Cards from Bank of America

Business Credit Cards from Bank of America

Have you applied for the BoA Business Credit Cards yet? If not, here’s your chance to know what it offers. 

Business Advantage Credit Card

There are three most popular Business advantage cards by BoA. These are:

  • Business Advantage Customized Cash Rewards credit card
  • Business Advantage Unlimited Cash Rewards credit card
  • Business Advantage Travel Rewards credit card

 The best features of these BoA Business Credit Cards are: 

  •  No annual fee
  •  Generous credit lines
  •  Zero liability fraud protection

Mastercard® Business Rewards Credit Card

It is one of the most sought-after Business Credit Cards in the US. The prime features of this card are 0% APR for the six initial billing cycles and as low as 17.24% regular APR. 

Some other unique features of the card are: 

BMO Business Platinum Credit Card

BMO Business Platinum Credit Card

This card has all the features needed to help small businesses flourish. 

First, it offers 0% APR for the first 18 billing cycles and 18 months (about one and a half years) of use. 

Features Tailored to Business Needs

Some unique features that help small businesses grow financially are a 16.49% minimum APR, 0 annual fees, and more. 

Build Or Strengthen Business Credit

You can use this card extensively due to its beneficial features that save costs. As a result, you can increase the creditworthiness of your business using this card.

Flexible Payment Options

 BMO offers flexible payment options against most of their cards. So, it’s an additional leverage for your business. 

Small Business Credit Cards from American Express

Small Business Credit Cards from American Express

There are 14 AmeEx cards suitable for business use. Most of these Business Credit Cards are usable for small businesses, too. 

Tailored for Business Needs

Tailored for Business Needs

You get handsome rewards for the optimum use of AmEx cards. For instance, the Blue Business Cash Card gives you a statement credit worth $250 against a $3000 cc purchase in the first few months. 

Offers Customized Benefits

You can get rewards and benefits on various purchases and travel options. That’s why there are different benefit niches of the 14 cards by AmEx. 

Helps Manage Organizational Expenses

 It offers a 1.5% early pay discount. At the same time, it provides extra days to pay at no additional cost. So you can decide how you want to scale up your business. 

Preferred Rewards for Business

Preferred Rewards for Business

Most cards give business-specific reward programs. The BMO Business Platinum Rewards Credit Card and other Business Credit Cards give 100,000 reward points for spending $5000 within three months. It is an easy target for users of Business Credit Cards.

Enhanced Rewards Program

The enhanced rewards program leverages funds for your growing business needs. 

Up To 75% More Rewards on Every Purchase

The Business Advantage Customized Cash Rewards credit card offers 75% cash on expenses. However, you should have a business checking account with the bank. 

Exclusive Benefits for Members

 The Ink Business Unlimited® Credit Card has many member-only offers. It gives $750 cashback as a bonus. However, you must spend $6000 in three months after your account opens. 

Similarly, various other cards also offer matching offers for members. 

FAQs on Business Credit Cards

Let’s look at people’s common questions about Business Credit Cards. 

What to Look for When Shopping?

You must look at the volume of rewards. Here, you must consider which card offers the highest rewards against the same shopping volume.

Application Requirements

I find that you need a minimum credit score of 670 for most of the cards. 

Obtaining a Business Credit Card

It’s easy. However, you must have a high personal credit score. 

Number of Cards for Company

There is no limit to the number of cards you may have. Some vendors might have their own set of regulations. 

Card Delivery Time

 Most Business Credit Cards are delivered within 7 to 8 working days, at the most. 

Other Types of Financing

You have access to other financing options as well. Go for a term loan or credit line. But I think that business credit cards are better. But why? 

Term Loans or Lines of Credit

You have the option of effective cash flow management with Business Credit Cards. None of the other options allow this benefit. 

Options For Financing Business Growth

You get the most flexible financing options with Business Credit Cards. You can decide how much to spend on which section. 

At the same time, you get a higher credit limit if you manage your finances and pay back properly. 

Business Financing Options

Before wrapping up, let’s look at all financing options for your business. Business Credit Cards are certainly the most popular. 

However, options like business loans, credit lines, crowdfunding and grants are also there. 

Venture capital is trendy among business owners. However, 0.5% of American small businesses only get venture capital funding.

Explore Different Ways to Fund Expansion Opportunities

The most lucrative way to fund expansion is to build credit. Then, you can apply for Business Credit Cards. 

Starting from welcome bonuses to statement rewards and bonus points on spending, Business Credit Cards offer the most suitable growth opportunities With Business Credit Cards, you get the incrementally higher funding that you may need on a contingent basis.

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