10 Common Construction Accidents And How A Lawyer Can Help

published on: April 13, 2023 last updated on: April 14, 2023
Common Construction Accidents

Construction employees are at high-risk at their workplace. Such accidents can cause a great deal of harm and the laws in place help hold company owners accountable for their lack of safety. If you or a loved one has been involved in a construction accident, it is crucial to hire a construction accident attorney to help obtain compensation for the difficulties and file a case against the firm, if necessary.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported about 951 construction and extraction laborers’ deaths in 2021 while on the job. According to statistics, the construction profession contributed to 46.2% of fatal falls, trips, and slips in 2020. Moreover, these accidents are not limited to workers but can also harm bystanders when safety precautions are not taken.

Most Common Construction Accidents

Various types of accidents at construction sites can lead to injuries. Knowing the common types can help prevent suffering and determine whether you need a lawyer.

1. Falls

Falls from cranes, roofs, and other surfaces, are one of the most common injuries on the job. As a result, you could file a compensation claim or a personal lawsuit if your employer did not ensure fall protection mechanisms were in place.

2. Falling Objects

Any tool falling from a height on a worker or a passerby can be highly lethal to them. This happens when the tools or objects aren’t secured or are of poor quality and break off and fall. This can cause brain injuries, especially when not wearing proper safety equipment.

3. Equipment-Related Accidents

Accidents from machinery such as forklifts, nail guns, and dumpsters are common. You can file a case for product liability if you think the machine was faulty.

4. Demolition Accidents

The use of explosives for demolitions can put laborers in danger of burning, brain injuries, and bone injuries, primarily when proper safety equipment and training are not provided.

5. Repetitive Stress Injuries

Repeating the same manual labor over time can harm your health, resulting in back, joint, or wrist injuries.

6. Gas Leaks, Fires, And Explosions

Gas leaks can occur at any point and are generally only detected too late. Leaking of gases such as carbon monoxide can harm workers’ health. Moreover, chemical leaks can lead to fires, causing severe burns. In such cases, contractors can be liable for negligence or faulty equipment.

7. Electrocution

Broken or defective electrical cables and lights pose a risk of electrocution. You can hold owners liable for such accidents if you were not provided with adequate safety equipment or training.

8. Ground Collapses

Excavations can cause the ground to weaken, leading to collapses that injure the workers and even passersby. It is vital to mark collapsed trenches. You can hold the owner liable for collapsed ground-caused injuries when not marked.

9. Motor Vehicle Accidents

Construction near motorways or highways puts workers at risk of getting hit by speeding cars, especially if the area is not marked well.

10. Elevator Shaft Accidents

Elevator shafts at construction sites pose a high fall risk. This generally occurs mainly due to negligence.

You can contact a lawyer to help file a worker’s compensation claim if you face an accident at the workplace. You can also file a third-party lawsuit against a manufacturer or supplier according to the cause of the accident.

This can help you recover payment for your medical bills, missed work hours, stress, etc. You might have to produce documents relating to your injury and proof of the accident.


Workplace injuries at construction sites are pretty common and can often be lethal. Taking the help of a construction law attorney to help compensate for injuries at construction sites is your legal right. This help should be taken immediately to extract total and fair compensation for your hardship.

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