Do Parking Tickets Go On Your Record?

November 23, 2023

do parking tickets go on your record

Well, it is something that no one would ever want to see. Imagine walking back to your car to reach your next destination, and what you see, pinned under your car’s windshield wiper, is a long piece of paper that haunts the dreams of many. So, if you are wondering, “Do parking tickets go on your record?” well, yes, they do. However, the effect they have on your record as a driver is considerably less, and there is nothing to lose your sleepover. But that does not imply that you can continue getting these tickets, as they may have an effect on your driving record in the future.

While a parking ticket may end up ruining your day, you can be at peace knowing that it has very little impact on your position as a driver. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Insurers usually care about your safety habits and the likelihood that you are going to file a claim. 
  • If you fail to pay for the parking tickets, it could lead to bigger fines and also a potential for a police intervention. 
  • Unpaid parking tickets could end up hurting your credit score, which may impact the insurance cost for your car. 

Do Parking Tickets Go On Your Record?

Do Parking Tickets Go On Your Record

If you are a motorist, you need to make sure that your entire driving record is free of any blemishes as much as you can. As a collection of all the previous and ongoing motor behavior, which may potentially include accidents, violations, and any such roadside incidents, your driving record historically repeats your whole story behind the wheel. 

While some may consider it embarrassing, it has a particular importance to car insurance companies. 

Previous evidence of both bad decisions and negligence that you make behind the wheel usually causes the insurers to increase the premiums of an individual. This is because the past experiences say that there is more of a chance for a driver to make an insurance claim. 

This means that the drivers who have a flawless driving records will be able to enjoy lower premiums. While the ones that have records of major incidents like DUIs/DWIs or at-fault accidents will witness an increase in their insurance cost. The degree of the increase will depend on the rules of the state. 

So, if you are someone who has just got a parking ticket, it does not really mean anything to your driving record. While the penalty you would have to pay will differ based on municipalities and states, such violations are nonmoving in every instance. A parking ticket, as such, will not be recorded on your driving record. It also does not imply that you are a poor driver. After all, a vehicle may only cause damage when it is moving. Therefore, there is no way that one may question your ability as a driver if you ever end up getting a parking ticket.

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Consequences Of Getting A Parking Ticket On Your

Consequences Of Getting A Parking Ticket On Your

Driving Record

While there are no substantial effects of a parking ticket on your driving record, it would not mean that you would ignore one if you get it. Here are some of the ways in which a parking ticket may ruin your good day. 


Fees are one of the most important considerations when we talk about parking violations. The established rules of the state, county, or local levels are what determine the amount one has to pay as a fine. There will be an eventual due date for these fines. If you fail to pay these fines on time, you will have to pay bigger fines as a penalty. 

Negative Effect On Credit Score

Anyone who holds a credit card or wishes to get a credit card would know how important it is to maintain a good credit score. These kinds of things will let banks, insurers, and other financial institutions know that you are comparatively less trustworthy and irresponsible. 

Under no circumstances would you want to stain your credit score if you have a credit card. While a parking ticket will not directly affect your credit score, failing to pay it will. 

Suspension Of The Drivers License

This is the most important of them all. If you wait for long without paying for your parking ticket, your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles may end up suspending your license entirely. If you are driving with a suspended license, it would land you in more trouble if the cops ever pull you up. One fine day, if you see that your license is suspended, just tow back your car. It is illegal to drive with a suspended license. There are many states in which you may get arrested if you are driving around with a suspended license. You may as well have to face jail time. Hence, make sure that you are well aware of the rules and regulations and pay for the ticket on time.

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Do Parking Tickets Affect Your Car Insurance Premiums?

A parking ticket alone will not have any effect on the premiums you pay for insurance. As they do not have any place on your parking record, there is no way that the providers of your car insurance would know if you ever got a parking ticket. As long as you are paying the fine on time, you would have the least of the concerns that the cost of your insurance would increase. 

However, a parking ticket may cause issues with your insurer if you are failing to pay back on time. Depending on how severe the fine is or how long you may go without having to pay for it, the severity of the consequences may grow. Penalties may include an increase of the fine, the municipality towing your car, or even suspension of your license. 

Moreover, if you are failing to pay for the parking ticket, that would directly impact your credit score. That is something that insurers heavily care about. If you have a low credit score, the insurance company will have an image that you are bad at mismanaging your money or paying bills on time. This is something you would want to avoid under all circumstances. 

The Bottom Line 

So, “Do parking tickets go on your record?” Well, they don’t. However, there are other ways in which they may affect your driving experience. Particularly if you are failing to pay them back on time, there is a chance that they may come back to bite you in the future. This is something nobody would ever want. 

Therefore, if you are getting a parking ticket, make sure you pay for it on time so you don’t land in any unnecessary trouble ever.

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