How To File An Annual Report For A Delaware Corporation

July 4, 2023

Delaware Corporation

Delaware has a reputation as a popular state for incorporation and is noted for its business-friendly policies. To retain good status with the state, a Delaware business incorporation also necessitates adherence to yearly criteria and laws.

It takes just five minutes to submit the Delaware annual report online. By timely completing your Delaware annual filing, you may avoid the fine plus interest and maintain the good standing of your corporation.

Delaware Annual Report

Each year following incorporation, a collection of financial data known as the Delaware Annual Report must be presented to the Division of Corporations by March 1. This report must be completed electronically.

In order to maintain the corporation’s good standing, it is imperative that the annual report contains the present physical location of the company, the office’s designation, and whereabouts, as well as the information regarding the directors’ names and addresses.

Failure to submit the annual report and fulfill the required payment will have an adverse effect on the corporation’s reputation. LLCs are exempt from Delaware annual filing.

How to File Delaware Annual Report?

If you wish to submit an annual report for a Delaware corporation, you may adhere to the following outlined procedures:

1. Determine the filing deadline

Every year, Delaware corporations must submit their annual report by the 1st of March. It is crucial to take note of the exact due date to prevent incurring any fines for late submission.

2. Visit the Delaware Divisions of Corporations website

If you navigate to the official site of the Delaware Division of Corporations, you’ll be able to locate the section of the Annual Reports.

3. Login or create an account

If you’ve already set up an account, accessing it is a breeze. Simply log in using your unique login details. However, if you haven’t created an account yet, please feel free to generate one by supplying the required information.

4. Locate your corporation

Once you successfully log in, proceed to locate your corporation by entering its name or file number. Once the corporation is found, carefully choose the suitable entity from the options provided.

5. Verify and update information

Review the provided details of your company, including the registered agent, main business location, and board members/executives. Feel free to make any necessary amendments or rectifications.

6. Provide required details

Please provide the necessary details for the annual report, such as the end of the fiscal year, the quantity of approved shares, and the equity of shareholders. Make certain that all the provided information is precise and current.

7. Pay the filing fee

To submit the yearly report, please make the necessary payment using a credit card or electronic check. The filing fee for an annual report for a domestic corporation is $50 for a Delaware corporation or $25 for an exempt Delaware corporation. Companies that were formed outside of Delaware but still meet Delaware’s qualifications must pay a higher cost of $125.

8. Review and submit

Take the time to carefully examine all the given details. After you feel content with your information, go ahead and submit the annual report.

9. Obtain confirmation

Once you have submitted the report, you can expect to receive a confirmation or acknowledgement verifying that it has been successfully filed. It is advisable to retain this document as evidence of having filed the report.

10. Repeat annually

Please keep in mind that the annual reports must be submitted on or prior to the commemoration of your company’s establishment date each year. To ensure adherence to Delaware state regulations, it is imperative to submit the report diligently on a yearly basis.

Although there was a lot of opposition when this internet method first started, registered agents and Delaware corporation owners now embrace it.  If you have any issues regarding submitting your annual report, get in touch with Relin Consultants and we would be happy to help.

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