Top 6 Hiring Platforms For Finding The Perfect Accounting Candidates

published on: June 8, 2023 last updated on: July 3, 2023

Every business needs an accounting department to function effectively. You require competent financial management for your business. Consequently, finding qualified applicants for diverse accounting job titles is a crucial procedure.

According to a US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecast, employment in finance and business operations positions is anticipated to rise by 8% between 2020 and 2030. This vast sector will continue to provide a range of chances to active job searchers, from banking and investments to accountancy and fintech.

Fortunately, there are a number of job search websites that are specifically targeted at various sections of the financial industry to assist you in looking for and quickly applying for your chosen employment.

Most businesses struggle with the hiring process when they need accountants. You need to track down applicants who have the relevant experience and skill set. Employers run the risk of missing out on chances to recruit top talent by not utilizing online tools for job placement.

However, the issue is that there are so many job boards that it is difficult for HR experts and businesses to select the ideal one for their recruiting requirements. Some target a particular specialty, while others serve a wide range of professions.

As you keep reading through this article, you’ll discover some of the most relevant job boards for finding excellent accounting talents for your organization. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Importance of having an accounting personnel

Importance of having an accounting personnel

Business and accounting go together like strawberry jam and french toast. The two go hand in hand. However, why? Accounting is crucial for small business owners since it enables owners, managers, investors, and other stakeholders to assess the financial success of the company.

And it is only the top of the iceberg. Here are some further justifications for the necessity of an accounting department.

Aids the evaluation of business performance

Your corporation’s or small business’s financial situation, in addition to the outcome of operations, is shown in your economic records. In other words, they aid in your comprehension of the financial health of your company. You could compare your current data with the prior accounting records and manage your budget effectively by comparing your current data with the previous accounting records, in addition to helping you keep track of costs, gross margin, and potential debt.

Proper record of data

The majority of business owners choose to devote their time and efforts to running and expanding their businesses. As a result, they frequently mix up their personal and company financial papers.

Therefore, keeping an ordered record and filing daily financial data for businesses is another important function of accountants. It will save you time to not worry about whether the firm is making a profit or losing money when the record-keeping of business transactions is systematized and structured.

Stay compliant with relevant laws and regulations

Businesses must comply with the law by keeping a thorough financial record of their business activities and distributing the reports to shareholders, tax authorities, and regulators. The financial statements and information must also be provided to the authorities for filing indirect and direct taxes.

As a result, having effective accounting procedures and systems helps to maintain your company’s legal position. One of an accountant’s primary responsibilities is to manage the business’s financial affairs in accordance with numerous rules and regulations.

Trustworthy accounting tests to conduct for prospective candidates

Having an accountant who understands the nuts and bolts of your company and assists you in minimizing expenditures while generating revenues is as crucial as ever. However, the issue still remains: How can you choose a decent accountant? The easiest solution is to take accounting tests.

Accounting tests evaluate job candidates based on their capacity to exhibit the fundamental competencies needed to succeed in an accounting role.

The ability to solve equations is a necessary talent for accounting, but employers should be looking for other abilities as well. Additionally, essential skills for an accountant include business savvy, analytical prowess, self-motivation, problem-solving skills, and excellent communication, none of which are simple to gauge on a résumé.

Due to the timed structure of the tests, candidates who do well demonstrate both their technical proficiency and their capacity for accuracy under pressure, which is another desirable quality for a financial professional.

Therefore, if you’ve simply used resumes, interviews, and recommendations in the past, it’s time to improve your hiring process by incorporating pre-hire accounting assessment exams. Candidates get the chance to assess their knowledge level during such a job screening test and decide on their area of study in light of it.

The assessment will demonstrate how well-versed a candidate is in key competencies expected of an accounting professional, such as an exceptional aptitude for mathematics, strong attention to detail, data analysis, critical thinking, and mental agility.

There is no need to conduct any more in-person interviews than absolutely necessary if candidates who don’t achieve the required standard for the position could be eliminated from the talent pool.

Top 6 hiring platforms for finding the perfect accounting candidate

hiring platforms for finding the perfect accounting candidate

There isn’t just one “best” employment board for accountants. However, selecting a service provider may be made simpler if you are aware of the qualities you need from one. Maybe you need a website that lets you advertise positions and then sit back and wait for applicants. Or a website that encourages workers to post evaluations, ratings, and information about their pay ranges in an effort to attract potential accounting outsourced.

Whatever it is that you need, the following is a comprehensive list of job platforms that makes the discovery of competent accounting talents easier than ever:

1. TestGorilla

TestGorilla is an innovative online assessment platform that helps companies hire and retain the best candidates.

The easy-to-use platform offers a wide range of customizable pre-employment tests, skills assessments, and behavioral assessments to help businesses make data-driven hiring decisions.

 With the extensive library of assessments and the seamless integration with popular applicant tracking systems, TestGorilla makes it easy for businesses to streamline their hiring process and find the best talent quickly.

2. American Accounting Association (AAA)

The American Accounting Association (AAA) is an organization that promotes research, education, and practice. If you’re looking for specialized job boards for accounting job searchers, AAA is a great choice.

Its offerings include a section on careers and development with a job board where firms can list vacant vacancies. By supplying the necessary corporate information, you may register as an employer.

You can publish information about job openings on the website’s career and development area, which you can locate by browsing. To pick the best package for you, you must first register as a prospective employer.

3. eFinancialCareers

Unquestionably, one of the top employment boards for accounting and finance is eFinancialCareers. It is a global employment board with 1.7 million unique visitors each month and over 3.7 million applications submitted annually. The website mostly lists jobs in banking, technology, finance, and accountancy.

By developing sponsored listings, content (articles and banners), social media campaigns, and targeted emails, you may utilize this platform to market your business and broaden your job posting’s reach.

You may look through resumes and identify the ideal individual when you register as a job recruiter and have access to CV databases on a website. On request, the cost of placing a job advertisement is provided.

4. is a popular employment site that compiles the top financial job openings from several web sources. It offers a range of general business and financial prospects, from entry-level to senior-level jobs in the public and private sectors.

In addition, it offers pertinent tools and career advice to help you advance your career, whether you’re an experienced financial expert or someone trying to enter into the area. These comprise current news, trends, and accounting information.

Additionally, the job board compiles the top available openings on the internet, including entry-level to senior roles, jobs in the public and private sectors, and a variety of general business and financial prospects.

5. Accounting Jobs Today

Accounting Jobs Today is among the most well-known and effective job boards that’ll help you find the top accounting prospects. You’ll locate hundreds of individuals by optimizing the job board because of their association with a career center. These websites and others are AccountingWEB, CPAclassifieds, CPALeadership, WebCPA, CPE Link, and SmartPROS.

The ability to establish filters available pre-screen with your jobs is another advantage of this particular job board. Additionally, you may speed up the application procedure by asking candidates a number of questions using this board.

It offers a variety of professional services, including free resume reviews, wage comparisons, and an education center, in addition to job openings.

6. iHireAccounting

With 130,000 users and more than 30,000 monthly visitors, iHireAccounting is among the few online employment boards for accountants. Additionally, there is a database for this board with 850,000 users.

Employers who routinely look for candidates in the accounting industry can choose from tailored packages with iHireAccounting that include job ads and resume searches.

Employers can post positions for accountants, controllers, office managers, and other professionals working in accounting firms on iHireAccounting. It includes a straightforward search feature that may help you in searching for jobs listed by tens of thousands of businesses. It offers both remote and hybrid choices.

No more struggling to find suitable accounting job candidates.

It’s clear that there is fierce competition for jobs in the accounting sector. To ensure that the financial side of their operations runs as smoothly as possible, employers nowadays struggle to find skilled accountants.

Using the appropriate tools can help you locate your ideal prospect when hiring fresh talent. Fortunately, you may use any of the 5 accounting job search websites in your effort to find the right candidate. You can then stop stressing about recruiting candidates that aren’t a good match.

Your employment procedure will go more smoothly than you could have anticipated if you follow our advice and choose from the breakdown we gave in the article.

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