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published on: July 28, 2021 last updated on: August 2, 2021
First National Bank of Monterey

Have you heard about the First National Bank of Monterey (FNB)? We believe that you have but not being able to collect pertinent information about it. That is why you are here, right? 

The FNB of Monterey is a commercial bank. In addition, it is a federal (national) charter as well as a Fed member. Do you know which bank is under which supervision? – The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) monitors and governs the bank. 

The bank primarily aims to strengthen the agricultural sector of the country. In addition, as per the financial reports, the total amount of assets is $322.503, whereas the total equity capital is $41,982. Apart from these, the average net income of the bank is $1373. 

Well, we can say that you are at the correct place. In this guide, we will cover a wide range of things about the FNB of Monterey.  Following things we are going to discuss in this article:

  • Basic information about First National Bank of Monterey
  • Contact details of the bank
  • Range of banking products
  • Fees Of Various Banking Services
  • Fees Of Various Banking Services 
  • Security Tips By The Bank                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Basic Information About First National Bank Of Monterey

About First National Bank Of Monterey

The main motto of the bank is to serve the community with premium offerings. The management of First National Bank of Monterey has been serving its customers since 1910. In addition, the potential focus of the bank is to strengthen agriculture. That follows with expanding household, business, and individuals’ services.

First National Bank of Monterey’s revenue is almost $ 14 Million. The management has their SIC code of 60,602. The bank also has NAICS codes 522110, 5221. Additionally, the management uses Google Analytics, Modernizr, Office 365, F5 BIG-IP Platform to serve their clients. Allen Chesser, the CEO of FNB of Monterey, manages the overall banking services.

Contact Details Of The Bank

The headquarters of FNB of Monterey is situated at 6222 E Main St, Monterey, Indiana, 46960, United States. Customers can contact the officials by dialing (574) 54-2121. Moreover, the bank also serves its customers online by the official website,    

Range Of Banking Products

Range of banking products

The FNB of Monterey offers a wide range of products to their clients to serve their needs. This includes business products, personal products, lending products. In the personal products, the bank mainly concentrates on the clients’ lifestyle. Then they offer loans, personal accounts, and online banking accordingly. Mobile banking is another service of FNB of Monterey. 

In addition to personal products, the bank also offers premium business banking options to customers. The variety of services helps the clients to develop their business. Lending products like competitive loan facilities help the First National Bank of Monterey customers.

Moreover, the banking management supports their customers with e-statement services. The process is well classified; one can receive the statement electronically. Customers of online banking only require signing into their accounts. After that, customers can select the account for e-statement. The non-online banking clients need to fill out a paper e-statement authorization. Then they required dropping off the paper at one of the bank’s offices or sending that by mail.  

Fees Of Various Banking Services

The FNB of Monterey serves their clients based on their preferences, which requires specific fees. The management charges customers for their check printing styles. The bank includes $ 4 for every cashier’s check. In addition to these, this follows by $ 1.50 per money order, $ 5for the transfer fee. The FNB of Monterey charges $ 0.75for their dormant account facility.

Along with these core banking facilities, the FNB of Monterey offers foreign currency exchange at the rate of $ 10. Customers of the bank need to pay $ 20for enjoying the litigation facility by the bank. ATM/ Debit replacement card requires $ 7.50 to the clients of FNB of Monterey.

Security Tips By The Bank

Security Tips By The Bank

In addition to all the services above, First National Bank of Monterey also makes its customers aware of cybercrime. The management guides the clients to maintain security related to their bank accounts. Furthermore, the FNB of Monterey always advises their clients to upgrade their devices, which link to their accounts.

The management also recommends that to travel securely, the customers needed to protect their account details. The guideline also includes that the individuals are required to book their holiday packages from a trusted site. This reduces the chance of fraud. Besides that, a strong password is necessary to protect the account information sets.

Moreover, First National Bank of Monterey management also guides their customers to track down their linked devices while traveling. The bank advised their customers to limit their access to public wi-fi networks. The administration also guides to restrict over sharing of individuals on social media. These can help the clients of FNB of Monterey to avoid cyber-bullying.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1. Is The First National Bank of Monterey Reliable?

Yes, they are definitely reliable as per customer ratings, bank structure, and governance. 

Q2. What Type of Information Does FNB of Monterey Collect?

FNB of Monterey collects certain information from you under certain circumstances. The pieces of information are as follows: Account information, social security number, account balances, account transactions, overdraft history, and wire transfer. 

Q3. How Does FNB of Monterey Collect Your Personal Information?

The bank collects personal information when you give us your contact number, provide account information, open an account, or apply for a loan. 

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