Financial Security With Gold And Silver

This holiday season, people are contemplating different ways of making merry, different ways of relaxing, and also different ways of showing their loved ones they care. People want to give gifts that are both significant and useful, gifts that show a level of care and concern while also being flashy and fun. This holiday season, give the gift of financial security to loved ones with gold and silver.

Gold Stability

Gold is a great investment for a number of different reasons, first of which is that the value of gold is and has remained stable over the centuries, even as the values of other assets such as land and housing have gone through boom and bust cycles. During World Wars I and II, and other geopolitically unstable times such as the ongoing conflicts in Syria, Iran and North Korea, the financial values of gold and silver have remained stable. This stability is due in part to the high demand for these two precious metals that has existed over the ages, and also because gold and silver have a long history of being used as currency.

Financial Security With Gold And Silver

Additionally, gold is negatively correlated against traditional portfolios, so during times of uncertainty such as the financial crisis experienced in 2008, as the prices of bonds and stocks depreciated, there was a massive uptick in people researching how to buy gold or silver to keep their portfolios stable. Alternate assets such as real estate and hedge funds also decreased in value while the value of gold steadily rose between 2008 and 2013. Gold remains, therefore, a great investment – and a great gift this holiday season – because even in times of both long-term and short-term inflation, financial security is guaranteed.

Generational Value

Silver, on the other hand, is appreciated by many, not only because it is a precious metal, but because it has many industrial uses. As such, many experts conclude that silver, which is cheaper than gold, is affordable yet undervalued. Additionally, both gold and silver cannot be produced in the lab yet, unlike precious stones such as diamonds, so the two are also known to withstand the test of time (quite literally). Unlike other metals, these two do not react or corrode easily when exposed to the elements and consequently can be handed down over generations. For a gift that has the potential to be passed down through generations as a store of wealth, you really can’t beat gold and silver.

Buying gold in Canada, just as in other countries, is not something most people do on a whim, due to the high value and cost associated with such a purchase. Reputable gold dealers come in handy for those looking to share wealth and create long-term prosperity by buying and giving gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. A good gold dealer will give clients complete ownership and transparency during handling of their bullion products; make the process of purchasing bullion easy by offering both direct and online purchases; and offer depository storage. This holiday season, give your loved ones the financial security – and the bling – they deserve by buying gold in Canada.


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