How to Find the Best Real Estate Agent for Buying or Selling?

published on: February 6, 2019 last updated on: November 17, 2023

Selling or buying a home is an exciting experience for many. There’s the thrill of the deal and the excitement and fun of the hunt. The whole process is enhanced by competent real estate agents, like letting & estate agents Gillingham, who understand the ins and outs of the market. However, with so many agents and brokerages in the market to choose from, finding the perfect real estate agent can be a bigger challenge than expected. Working with top agents who are experienced and trustworthy can ensure that your property sells for a high price, or that you’re buying for the best price on the market. Below are some tips to help you find the best dealer in town.

1. Look at the current listing of the agent of choice

Go on the internet to check out the listing of the agent, for instance, Brobeck for Consumer Federation of the US. The areas that you can start from including the website of the real estate agency and other sites like that provide searchable online databases for properties in multiple listing services.

The majority of property buyers begin their search journey on the internet, and they are seeking an agent that employs this tool efficiently. The critical thing is possessing an attractive online presence.

Look at the way the listings of the agent are reflecting the property that you would wish to buy or sell my house for cash. Are they found in the same locality? Is the pricing the same? Does the agent possess enough listings that indicate a business that is healthy, but not very many that you would be waiting for several days for her or him to return your message or call?

2. Go for an individual and not the experience

As a staunch believer in selecting an agent that works with you and for you, it is critical to be seen in the whole selection process. Do not go for an agent-based on his experience only. Even though it is good to have experience, it is not everything you need. You will end up spending so much time with real estate agents while you need to mesh. Select someone real and relatable. Choose for yourself and not for your house. Select someone that knows how to talk and negotiate.

Look for referrals from existing homeowners

In spite of technology that is seeming to take over the time needed to search for the home, the best real estate agent remains to be a human-to-human choice. A referral is the best option for you. There is no big compliment to agents than referrals from past customers. Ask homeowners for recommendations. In case you know the locality that you want to buy in or sell a home in, an expert will be in that area.

3. Look for an individual with your best interests at heart

You need to ask yourself if the real estate agent has your best interests at heart. You need to be transparent and honest about what you are seeking, and if the agent is not providing you with the right options, there is a likelihood that they are not looking for the house for you but for their benefit. Be keen to ask upfront and do not be afraid to go elsewhere in case the relationship is not feeling right.

Ascertain if they know how to mitigate risk

Seek the best real estate agent estate with honesty about the dangers of selling or buying. Throw the flattery and fluffy agents out. You need someone that is realistic and can mitigate risk proactively. While interviewing the agents, pay close attention to people utilizing real data in answers while analyzing investment, the long-term impact of the decisions to buy, and the performance of the nearby market.

4. Ensure that they are offering support


Make sure you carry out in-depth research from the beginning. Do they have team support? An agent that has support can provide high levels of customer service to other clients. The majority of these agents work with multiple clients at a time. Logistics of purchasing or selling the home are complicated, and it becomes easy to fall short or miss without support staff.

5. Choose an agent with adequate credentials

Doctors possess specialties, and so are real estate agents, many of who get more training in specific areas.  An alphabet soup after the name of the agent indicates that the name of the agent can show that he has taken classes in particular areas of real estate sales. Some of these designations include;

SRES – This is a complete training aimed at assisting the sellers and buyers during transactions

ABR – Complete additional education for representing buyers in the transactions

CRS – Complete additional training when it comes to handling residential real estate

In case the agent is calling himself a Realtor with R in the capital, he becomes a NAR member.

The most crucial thing you will get by employing a Realtor is that he is an agent that formally pledges the support of the code of ethics.

6. Inventory and Track record

The best real estate agent does not show up from anywhere. It takes some time to construct a history to attract high-quality inventory. With houses of a single-family, reciprocity becomes the rule, but commercially, it is the definite exception. You have to talk regularly with the real estate broker in the target property region, size, and type to get the desired deals.

Look for a compassionate agent that understands you

Purchasing a house is very stressful, especially when you are facing a divorce, mourning your spouse’s death, having a baby, and much more. You require an agent that is patient with all your circumstances. Interview the broker or agent and ascertain if they have similar emotions, personality, and outlook on life as you do.

7. Seek honesty, conviction, and passion

Look at the work of the agent. The most valuable and easiest way is reviewing how they are marketing other houses. Look at the materials of their listing, signage, brochures, and website. Pay close attention to personal appearances. Look for honesty, conviction, and passion. You need the agent to inform you of the progress of what he is doing to get the home to sell very fast and at the best price.


After learning the right way of choosing the best real estate agent, you will not go back to any other agent minus wondering in the space of the brain. How much money will you save if you went for the right real estate agent at the beginning? Choosing the agent, the wrong way will result in the loss of money and frustration. Do not be afraid to speak and get an agent that will serve you right.

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