Investfest Financial Festival

When it comes to capturing the racial wealth gap, representation matters the most.

Only 1.8% of the financial planners who are certified are African Americans, and there has been a long history of mistrust regarding the financial institutions within Black Americans.

This is where the founders of the popular podcast platform Earn Your Leisure, Troy Millings and Rashad Bilal, entered, through which they have been bridging the finance world with the hip-hop community, which makes the financial literacy within the Black community a central point.

Their InvestFest, which is a two day financial festival, is a very natural outgrowth of the same movement that will bring in a big time business headline, with its focus mainly on financial lessons, which will make financial education a lot more fun.

“InvestFest is a unique experience to be educated, informed, and a premier space for entrepreneurs,” Bilal said to Yahoo Finance. “It is a first-of-its-kind, in-person experience to combine investing, entrepreneurship, pop culture, and entertainment in a festival setting.”

“InvestFest is the largest event for financial investing with multiple billionaires in the space,” Troy Millings, who is the co-founder of Earn Your Leisure, mentioned to Yahoo Finance. “It’s more than a Black story due to its impact and scale.”

Combos, the CEO of Bad Boy Entertainment and the CEO of REVOLT, a media platform that promotes hip-hop culture, revealed their partnership with Earn Your Leisure, presenting Millings and Bilal with a million-dollar check to make the investments as per the methodologies that were discussed on the platform of Earn Your Leisure.

“Earn Your Leisure…[is] one of the most disruptive platforms in the fight for economic empowerment and equality. Rashad and Troy are making financial literacy cool for our community,”

Combos added.

“I’ve given them a challenge to go beyond talking about finances and put that knowledge into action for others to see the process.”

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