Navient has realized that education loans are essential in 2023 since they will help people receive a proper education. Therefore, the company provides many loans to help students get the desired degree and become who they wish to be.

This is why you must learn how to Navient login so that you or your ward can start your academic journey. Therefore, read this post till the end to learn how to do so.


What Is Navient? – Company Background And Services

What Is Navient - Company Background Amd Services

When it comes to providing student loans in the USA, Navient is one of the biggest companies to provide it. It’s an American student loan service that was established in April 2014. The current Navient headquarter address is Wilkes-Barre, PA 18773-9000, Wilmington, Delaware.

The company was formerly known as Sallie Mae, a banking and loan-providing company. However, it split in 2014, resulting in the formation of Navient and the Sallie Mae Bank. As of 2023, this company has 6,000 employees, providing approximately 25% of all student loans issued in the USA.

Navient also has many subsidiaries, namely:

  • Duncan Solutions
  • Navient Portfolio Management
  • Navient Business Process Outsourcing (Navient BPO)
  • Municipal Services Bureau (MSB)
  • Xtend Healthcare
  • Pioneer Credit Recovery Inc.

Types Of Navient Student Loans

Types Of Navient Student Loans

If you use Navient login, you will get access to two different types of student loans. They are:

1. Private Loans

Student loans Navient login has various student loan programs under the personal student loans category. These personal student loans are issued by multiple Navient private lenders.

2. Loans Provided By The Education Department

There are loans that fall under the US government’s Department of Education student loan policies and regulations. Therefore, they are a part of the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) program.

Note: All student loans you get through Navient login will be served by Aidvantage, a servicing unit for federal loans. It’s a unit of Maximum Education. You will be able to see this when you get the welcome letter when you Navient login.

How Can I Get Navient Loans?

How Can I Get Navient Loans

Once you get a student loan from Navient, all you need to do is Navient login to access all details. However, how do you get a Navient student education loan in the first place?

First, you must apply for a student loan from Navient. You do so by going to the official website of Earnest. This website allows you to check your eligibility for receiving any kind of personal student loan.

When you visit the Earnest webpage, you must submit various personal details like:

  • Name
  • Email ID
  • Permanent residential address
  • Birthdate
  • Name of school
  • The degree you are pursuing
  • Where do you plan to get enrolled
  • The year you plan to graduate
  • Your current credit score

After you submit these details, click on Continue Application to proceed. If your application gets approved, you can select any personal loan service provider you want. Here, you must choose Navient login.

After you do so, you can check out various Navient login student loans. After you have read the repayment policies of these loan programs, you then need to choose one and proceed with it.

After you do so, you will be contacted (either by a call or an email) by the Navient loan lender. Here, you can see the breakup of your Navient standard loan repayment plan. This breakup will show you the tuition fees, lodging expenses (if any), interest rates, and more.

Soon, you will be given a link that will allow you to create a new Navient account to Navient login. Afterward, when the loan gets approved, various expenses will be debited from your student loan. After miscellaneous deductions, the remaining amount will be credited to your student loan account. You can use this credit balance to find various educational expenses.

However, note that when your student loan gets disbursed, the Navient loan lender will hand over the loan manager to a different loan service provider. Therefore, you cannot choose the loan service provider since it will be issued by Navient.

How To Navient Login?

How To Navient Login

If you want to login to Navient student loans login, you need to visit the login page of Navient Wellbeing. When you open this page, you will see the Navient login option in the middle of the page. Click on it.

After you do so, a separate browser tab or window will open where you must enter your credentials. After you do, you will be redirected to your Navient account, where you can manage your Navient student loans.

This login process is similar to Mission Lane Login and Destiny credit card login processes.

How To Make Navient Login Payments?

How To Make Navient Login Payments

After you get a Navient student loan, you can repay the loan in various ways. The three primary ways include:

  • Online: Once you Navient sign in, you can pay your loan from there. You only need to connect or link your bank account with Navient.
  • Phone: If you don’t have online banking enabled, you can call your Navient loan lender. After you do some, you can request customer service to finalize your loan repayment. They will ask for your debit or credit card information and bank account number to do so. Give them this information, and they will take care of the rest. After some time, Navient login to your loan account to check whether the last repayment status has been approved.
  • Mail: If you cannot repay your Navient student loan using the aforementioned methods, you can send a cheque through US Mail. If you do so, you must provide your remittance slip.

Has Navient Login Faced Any Lawsuits?

Has Navient Login Faced Any Lawsuits

Should you trust the Navient student loan service provider? Can you trust them like some of the best Minnesota credit unions?

While Navient might be a reputed private student loan provider, it still faces its fair share of criticisms and controversies. Here are some allegations the company has faced as per various Navient lawsuits:

Account Mismanagement

Navient has been accused of providing unclear information regarding its customers’ loan repayment status. Here, customers noticed various issues like improper allocation of loan funds to accounts. The company offered incomplete details to the consumer credit bureau.

Advising Expensive Options

Since there are various private student loan programs that you can apply for after your Navient login, the company representatives have always steered customers towards the more expensive plans. Here, customers state how they were forced to sign up for unnecessary loans that far exceed their requirements. This was reported in a lawsuit from New Jersey.

Overcollection Of Funds

In the same New Jersey lawsuit stated above, loan borrowers were forced to pay more if they missed their due dates. However, this extra amount (which Navient referred to as penalty charges) is far more than what’s stated in the repayment policy.

How To Contact Navient?

How To Contact Navient

You can contact Navient by calling on these numbers:

  • Private Student Loans: (888) 272 – 5543
  • US Department of Education Student Loans: (800) 722 – 1300
  • Military Service Members Helpline: (855) 284 – 4879
  • HEAL and FFEL Programs: (888) 272 – 5543

Final Verdict: Is Navient A Good Student Loan Service Provider?

Navient login is a decent student loan service provider in the USA. It will provide you with various student loans, along with options to manage them as well. However, there might be better options than this since they have faced multiple lawsuits and legal notices in the last few years.

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