The pressure of being a student is relentless. Trying to figure out how to survive with flying color or with just a passing grade while sacrificing the stuff you love to do is not easy. But what more if you’re in debt of student loans and have to pay for it after college? You arestruggling to get out of that school thinking you will be able to earn fortune then realize you have student loans to pay for is like a chain that limits you from flying high and touching your dreams. We all know that going to school is too damn expensive. And in this case, student loans are usually their last resort to survive.

There are different types of student loans namely: federal student loan that the government offers; the private student loan that the banks or other financial institutions give to help you pay for school. If you are engaged in either of the two, you shouldn’t be worried because you will be able to survive it even if there’s a pile of debt on your plates. This article from My Loan Solution can guide those people who wish to pay their loans more quickly.

Student Loans and Credit

Student loan comes with arespective interest rate that requires payment just like any financial obligations. You should pay at least the minimum amount required to avoid default and failure to repay.

  • Paying off your loans results in less interest paid over time; Advance payment for your loan can shorten the term of payment and you can expect a lower interest rate.
  • You aim to pay your loan as low as possible and the only means to do that is to minimize its payment period and less chance of piled up interest and that means more money in your pocket!
  • Paying at least the minimum on time shows lenders you are reliable;a responsible lender always pays on time even if it is the least the minimum amount. Trying hard to do such even if it feels impossible sometimes shapes you to be reliable and will give you theimpression as a tried-and-true lender.
  • This will have a long-term, positive effect on your score! Since you always pay on time, the lender will have a positive impression on you and that will make it easy for you to loan money again if you needed to.

Refinance Your Student Loans

Refinancing is a method of changing or swapping your existing loan plan with a new one. It is done by applying for a new loan while you’ve got an existing loan. It doesn’t mean that the previous debt you are liable to pay will be gone;it means that the new loan will pay for the existing loan, leaving you with the latest loan to pay. Refinancing your student loan can take up a lot of time and expensive too. But you might consider changing plans for the benefits of: first, saving money on interest cost especially if your loan is a long-term loan; second, consolidate debts of multiple loans and pay off a loan that’s due; lastly, to shorten the loan term and fix your variable loan rate.

Avalanche Those Payments

Avalanche a loan is an effective method of payment by focusing on debt with the highest interest rate. You do it by listing all debts from highest to lowest in order to determine the one with highest percentage interest while paying the minimum for other debts. Avalanche those payments one at a time; accomplish to pay for the minimum payment of the next largest interest rates. This method of payment can help you pay off debt a few months quicker and results in less interest paid.

Use the Snowball Method

The snowball method focuses on the lowest balance debt first. You pay for the smallest debt while continually paying the minimum of all your other debts. This is also done one at a time, making a list of all your debts from smallest to largest. Snowball method is effective if you value quantity over quality since it results in a fewer number of debts to be paid and also provides gratification to keep you motivated.

Loan Forgiveness Program

Loan forgiveness program is the cancellation of some or rather all portion of your student loan balance due to being “forgiven” and no longer responsible to pay for the remaining portion of theloan. The idea of your student loan evaporating is like a dream come true. You can earn loan forgiveness by either working in public service or by paying through income-contingent payment plans that can last for a period of time. As you can see, neither of routes is quick nor easy as it sounds. You are qualified for the loan forgiveness programs if you do pay on time and have a stable job.

Avoid Default

The default is the failure and noncompliance to pay your loan for 270 days base on the terms and agreement in the promissory note. The consequence of defaulting your student loan results from ramification of untimely payments and may lead to serious legal scenarios. Youneed to monitor and always pay attention to the date of payments or if there is a conflict, you should talk to the organization immediately. 

Be Smart With Your Money

Be Smart With Your Money

There are no other better and effective means to save than being smart in your own money. You should know the all the important and necessities in buying stuff. Don’t be afraid to try new things and methods that will help you grow and smarter in proper utilization of your money.

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