4 Ways To Own And Profit From Silver Investments

published on: June 1, 2022 last updated on: February 8, 2023
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Many investors use precious metal holdings to diversify their portfolios because they spread risk and hedge against inflation. The hedge that precious metal investment provides is perhaps more important today than ever since some governments print money en masse fueling inflation. Alternative investments like silver make sense because they hold their value reasonably well over time.

If you wish to invest in silver, there are many paths to explore. However, it’s always important to note that investing in it will come with its pros and cons. It’d help if you learned to manage your risk tolerance, and you also have to learn strategies about how to make profits from such investments.

It’s not a matter of just buying silver and expecting it to multiply. You’ve got to actively manage it, just as you should every other asset in your portfolio.

Here are some ways to own and profit from silver investments:

1. Buy Silver Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

For those investors who don’t like the concept of holding bullion, exchange-traded funds are a great alternative. The reason why ETFs are great is that they’re essentially run like mutual funds.

You buy ETF shares in a fund of your choice. Silver ETFs are instruments that are backed by silver holdings. So, silver ETFs do an excellent job of tracking the price movements of silver and adjusting their value accordingly.

A silver ETF usually reinvests your stake into trading silver to make more money. Bear in mind that every ETF may handle its affairs slightly differently. Do your research first before joining any ETF.

With ETFs, you can invest even if you have little capital. You can buy or sell shares anytime at the market price, as long as the market is open. ETFs differ from bullion wherein you may have to settle for a discount if you want to sell with dealers.

Therefore, better prices are often found on silver ETFs. Another significant benefit is that it removes the risk of theft so no one can steal your holdings.

As mentioned, silver is a relatively volatile asset to hold, so the best way to profit from ETFs is to play the long game. Sure, you could make some gains in the short term. But the best thing is to hold off on making abrupt trades. Timing is crucial.

2. Buy Silver Bullion And Coins

When most people think about silver investments, they usually think of the physical silver bars and coins. There are other ways of silver investments, but it makes sense why some investors would want to buy silver in its physical form.

Perhaps it’s more gratifying to see it with your own eyes instead of having it in other forms. Plus, some investors buy it because silver is more abundant and cheaper. That’s why some people opt for it instead of other precious metals like gold.

Silver can come in a variety of sizes. Coins are perhaps the most compact size available. Silver bars are heftier and can even reach weights of up to 1,000 ounces. You buy silver from registered dealers who typically charge a premium for each sale. But if you’re not careful, you may end up overpaying for silver bullion. Therefore, make sure you work with registered dealers because fraudsters are a legitimate risk.

The problem with trading is when purchasing the silver bullion from a dealer, you pay a premium. But when they repurchase it, you may have to settle for a discount. It’s like getting charged with buying and selling the silver. So, you may not get any profit at all if you’re impatient. But if you’re patient and allow the value of silver to pick up over time, you can make a profit when you sell it.

Another risk you ought to manage is security. You have to invest in storage if you’re going to be investing for a long time, but this will come at a cost. If possible, ensure that your storage site has insurance just in case something unexpected happens.

While silver is relatively stable, it’s not as stable as gold as a store of value. The price of silver is slightly more volatile compared to gold. Therefore, if you want to invest in silver and profit from it, you have to be willing to hold it for the long run.

3. Buy Gold Stocks

There are a handful of companies that engage in silver mining. One way to get involved in silver investing is to buy stock in one of these companies. The value of your stake rises and falls based on the market prices.

So, if the market value increases, the silver miner’s profits will increase too, which means you get more dividends. You could also sell your shares for a profit when the value increases.

Plus, unlike ETFs, a silver mine can ramp up output to maximize profits. That benefits you because it improves the company’s bottom line. However, for prudence’s sake, if you’re going to invest in any of these companies, make sure you conduct your research on each one.

4. Buy Silver Futures

You also don’t have to get hold of the actual physical silver with futures. Instead, you can get a futures contract that essentially gives you a future claim on silver. You can then schedule delivery at a future date for a specific price stipulated by that contract.

However, you can always sell off your future contract to someone else at a profit if there are any changes. But just like with other options, the value of your contract will fluctuate depending on the market value of silver itself.

Note that there may be irregularities between spot and futures prices because of these fluctuations. Therefore, before you take the plunge, you might want to clarify the nature of the futures contract with your broker. You need to check whether you can trade these contracts in your account. Or else, you may need to partner with a different broker.


Much like other precious metals, silver is also a great asset to hold. It’s well worth investing in if you wish to diversify your portfolio. Plus, there are many ways to invest in silver. To make money from silver, you need to know how the market works.

Most importantly, you need to be able to play the long game and perfect your timing. At the end of the day, the aim of owning an investment is to make more money. Good strategies and patience will get you through.

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