Subex Share Price – Present Price, Forecast, Statistics – Should You Invest In It In 2022?

published on: June 8, 2022 last updated on: June 9, 2022
Subex Share Price

Subex Share or Subex Stock comes from Subex Limited, an Indian software company based in Bangalore. Communication service providers can use their digital trust products. In India, the firm is traded on the BSE and NSE. Subash Menon and Alex Puthenchira started Subex in 1992 as a marketing firm.

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Current Price Of Subex Share

The current Subex Share price, that is, on May 23, 2022, is 31.750 INR.

Prediction Of Subex Share Price

This section will help you analyze the previous behavior of Subex share price along with the forecasted trends over certain time periods. You will get to understand the historical and future health of the Subex NSE. Take a look at the Historical and forecasted charts below.

Prediction Of Subex Share Price

1. Historical Data

DateOpening priceClosing priceMinimum priceMaximum price
2022-05-20Open: 31.750Close: 31.750Low: 31.750High: 31.750
2022-05-19Open: 31.200Close: 31.200Low: 31.200High: 31.200
2022-05-18Open: 32.700Close: 32.700Low: 32.700High: 32.700
2022-05-17Open: 32.250Close: 32.250Low: 32.250High: 32.250
2022-05-16Open: 30.800Close: 30.800Low: 30.800High: 30.800
2022-05-13Open: 30.700Close: 30.700Low: 30.700High: 30.700
2022-05-12Open: 28.650Close: 28.650Low: 28.650High: 28.650
2022-05-11Open: 30.200Close: 30.200Low: 30.200High: 30.200
2022-05-10Open: 31.500Close: 31.500Low: 31.500High: 31.500
2022-05-09Open: 32.250Close: 32.250Low: 32.250High: 32.250
2022-05-06Open: 33.250Close: 33.250Low: 33.250High: 33.250
2022-05-05Open: 33.450Close: 33.450Low: 33.450High: 33.450
2022-05-04Open: 33.500Close: 33.500Low: 33.500High: 33.500
2022-05-02Open: 34.550Close: 34.550Low: 34.550High: 34.550
Analysis: As you can see from the above chart, the Subex share is in a verge of falling down over the 2 weeks. In spite of that, it has maintained a positive outlook and that’s a relief to the investors. 

2. Predicted Future Data

DatePriceMin PriceMax Price
2022-05-24Price: 30.906Min: 29.344Max: 32.375
2022-05-25Price: 30.276Min: 28.658Max: 31.828
2022-05-26Price: 29.372Min: 27.809Max: 30.879
2022-05-27Price: 29.933Min: 28.378Max: 31.756
2022-05-30Price: 28.896Min: 27.364Max: 30.518
2022-05-31Price: 29.089Min: 27.560Max: 30.606
2022-06-01Price: 28.459Min: 26.922Max: 30.011
2022-06-02Price: 27.556Min: 26.039Max: 29.096
2022-06-03Price: 28.117Min: 26.525Max: 29.779
Analysis: The forecast table above illustrates the Subex share price NSE trend over the next few days. It’s quite evident that the values are dipping; however, a profitable pattern is observable.

52 Week High And Low Of Subex Share Price

The table below shows the 52-week maximum and minimum data for Subex Stock. The range depicts the difference between Subex NSE’s highest and lowest annual readings. Take a look at the columns below for further information.

1. Historical Data

52 Week High52 Week Low

2. Predicted Future Data

52 Week High52 Week Low

Bullish Or Bearish?

Bullish Or Bearish
Analysis: Subex shares, and maybe the market environment, have been in a negative cycle for the past 12 months, according to current data. Stocks in the Other Information category appear to be underperforming at the moment.

Subex Stock Performance By 2027

Subex Stock Performance By 2027
Analysis: A full understanding of the stock performance may be acquired from the above Subex Stock prediction diagram. Stock prices will continue to rise until 2027, as you can see. Between 2023 and 2027, the share price of Subex technology will certainly rise, with a long-term return on investment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. What Is The Subex Share Price NSE India Today?

The present price of Subex Share, that is, on April 29, 2022, is 97.300 INR.

Q2. Will Subex Share Price Go Up?

Yes, as per Subex share price NSE news, it would go up from 97.300 INR to 132.134 INR in a single year.

Q3. Is It Profitable To Invest In Subex Share?

Yes, as per Subex tech share price news, the long-term earning potential from it is +35.80% in a single year.

Q4. What Will Be The Subex Share Price In 5 Years (2027)?

Considering the Subex Share price, the Subex future stock price within the next 5 years will be 273.161 INR.

Q5. Will Subex Share Price Crash?

Taking into account the Subex tech share price trend, histories, and other stats, it’s likely that Subex Share NSE won’t crash in the coming months.

Should You Invest In Subex Share In 2022?

In the future, there will be a favorable trend, and Subex Ltd shares may be a suitable place to invest for profit. We recommend including this stock in your portfolio since it has a bright outlook. Bull markets are always favorable for trading, so you may wish to consider Subex under specific situations. But if you are a novice to investing, always study up on the best investment tactics.

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Disclaimer: Respected Readers, the Subex Share price facts, and the data we presented above are all assumptions. All the data refers to those present on the leading cryptomarket websites. The actual values might be different on the basis of the market situation. Please note that share/stock prices are subject to market risks. Read all the documents and examine them carefully before investing. 

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