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Moving to a new country is always a scary prospect. Sure, it sounds wonderful, but what about finding housing, searching for work, getting insurance, and making a place for yourself in a foreign place?

Those worries are present in all international movers, but people quickly find that the reality of moving abroad far outshines the initial anxieties. One wonderful place to live abroad is in Spain. If you’re seriously considering a move, get in touch with reliable movers like United Van Lines who can help you make the transition much easier.

We’re going to talk about moving to Spain today, giving you a few insights that might push you along in the right direction. Let’s get started.

1. Comparable Cost of Living

1. Comparable Cost of Living

One excellent aspect of living in Spain is that it’s not unlike living in the United States when it comes to expenses. Spanish housing, food, and amenities are similarly priced to the ones here.

In this way, you can plan your move with a familiar template for expenses. Unlike a lot of European countries, it’s possible to enjoy life at a reasonable cost. That also means that Spain is home to similar public resources, infrastructure, and quality of life that we enjoy in The United States.

2. The Health Care

If you weren’t aware, Spain offers free, universal health care to all residents. Consider the amount of time and money you spend configuring health care currently, and Spain starts to sound like a real paradise.

Even those who are working in Spain with taxed wages are welcome to free and universal health care. So, if you’re thinking about going to Spain to scope it out and work for a few months before you make the decision to move, you’ll be covered if anything were to happen to you.

3. The Natural Beauty

3. The Natural Beauty

It’s warm all year in Spain, and it’s on a peninsula so it’s never a long drive to the ocean. Even if you find yourself in the central region of Madrid, you’ll be within a day or two of vast stretches of ocean.

There are also mountain ranges in Spain as well as a wealth of biodiversity. If you get a little landlocked, you can take a boat ride out to one of the various islands peppered along the Spanish coast.

If that’s not enough for you, all of the countries in Europe are a train ride or two away. A road trip across Europe in a car is akin to driving across the United States. In fact, the United States is a little longer than Europe in total width.

So, instead of driving through the dust bowl, drive through France, Germany, Poland, The Czech Republic, Italy, or Greece. Location is everything, and you’ll love a road trip to view one of these beautiful houses in Marbella, Spain. Take a road trip anywhere on the peninsula for a scenic view with natural beauty.

Thinking of Moving to Spain?

If you’re moving to Spain, there are a few things you have to check off of your list. We’re here to help you explore tips on moving to Spain from the US, living in Spain, and a whole lot more.

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