What Type Of Gloves Are Best For Welding?

May 17, 2023


In the construction industry, you must always make sure that you provide the best equipment for your team.

Many tasks in this industry can be hazardous, especially activities like welding. Welding is a common construction task, so it is important that you provide the right equipment for your team to work safely and with confidence and this will include having the best gloves.

What is Welding?

First, it is helpful to look at what welding involves. Essentially, this is the process of fusing two or more parts together with the use of heat with a join forming when the parts cool together.

Welding is most commonly used on metals but can also be used on thermoplastics and some other materials. Welding can create a very strong bond and it is a process that is relatively easy and straightforward, provided that you have trained employees and provide them with the right equipment to work safely.

Why are Gloves Important?

Gloves Important

Welding involves using intense heat that can melt metal, so you are dealing with very high temperatures with this task. This means that welding can result in very serious burns and injuries without proper protection and it is the hands that are closest to the heat.

Therefore, welders need to have high-quality welder’s gloves that will offer suitable protection. In addition to heat resistance, welder’s gloves can also offer protection from many hazards when working in an industrial setting as well as provide comfort if working outside and in the cold.

What Should You be Looking For?

It is important to do your research and find high-quality gloves that are designed for welding. The material will depend on the material that you are working with, so you may need a few different types of gloves for your team. For instance, the gloves should contain a black hand pad or reflective material on the rear while welding at over 500 amps.

Characteristics of high-quality welding gloves include having a good lining and using high-quality leather as well as good insulation. As you might imagine, the fit is also important as the gloves need to be a food fit so that there is no room for slippage. You also need to be able to enjoy good freedom of movement and control so that you can work accurately and comfortably.

This post should be informative and help you in the process of finding high-quality welding gloves for your team. Welding is a key construction task, but it is also one that can be dangerous. In addition to proper training, your team needs access to high-quality gloves that will provide important protection and allow them to carry out welding tasks safely and with confidence knowing that their hands are protected from the heat. 

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