Wedding Insurance: Secure Your Walk Down The Aisle With These Insurance Coverages

August 9, 2023

wedding insurance

A wedding is more than just a loving association of the bride and groom. From getting engaged to handing out invitations, there is a lot that goes into a wedding. However, this wonderful occasion also consists of an end number of expenses. To cover these and give you a sense of relief, wedding insurance is usually put to use.

Can we even discuss marriage without mentioning its budget? Wedding planners have this as the first question in mind since it is the only thing that makes a wedding memorable. In order to save yourself from experiencing a doomsday view of your marriage, it is best to consider the unprecedented events that come with it.

What’s A Wedding Insurance?

What’s A Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance refers to special insurance that provides economic protection for concerns related to your wedding. Any unexpected incident or calamity can take away the charm of any marriage. Apart from a few exclusions, marriage insurance is an ideal way to cover monetary losses incurred due to unfortunate events.

Applying for this is not only a quick process but also hassle-free. However, wedding insurance can never compensate for your emotional loss. In order to avail yourself of it, you have to determine your needs and select the best-suited wedding plan. Further, you might submit the needed documents along with an application form.

Generally, insurance companies inspect the details and settle on the premium. In the situation of eventualities, the insurer gets a comprehensive understanding of it from the beneficiary. Finally, the insurer depicts the claim and then settles for it. This is how basically marriage insurance works.

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What Do Wedding Insurances Generally Cover? 

Wedding event insurance helps in solving problems with the wedding venue, vendors, guests, weather, as well as injury or sickness. Usually, there is a preset amount that is subject to a claim under every section. Given below are some inclusions in wedding insurance coverage: 

1. Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues

One of the first things marriage insurance covers is the cost incurred due to an unavoidable cancellation. For example, inaccessibility or damage to the event site. Suppose your wedding hall cannot provide you reservation owing to an unexpected fire or electrical outage. In certain circumstances, this policy also covers the site of the rehearsal dinner. 

2. Vendors Not Showing Up

Vendors Not Showing Up

Imagine vendors- the most significant people in the wedding- not showing up. Be it your officiant or the caterer- they are an indispensable part of the occasion. The wedding insurance policy generally covers the delay or cancellation of the ceremony for such reasons. 

3. The Weather

The Weather

Can we forget to mention how certain weather conditions disrupt a joyous ceremony like marriage? There are natural calamities that stop couples, wedding attendees, and the immediate family from reaching the wedding destination. Thus, insurance coverage is also about wedding rescheduling and other details. 

Under this, elements like ceremony flowers, reception food, and tent rental are covered. Always remember that in maximum states, weather policies must be bought 14 days prior to the ceremony. 

4. Injury Or Sickness

Injury Or Sickness

Wedding insurance also covers injury or sickness to the pair or family members. However, it doesn’t consist of pre-existing clinical conditions. Since Covid-19 is an infectious health condition, certain insurance firms do not cover cancellations due to the disease. Make sure to consult your insurance agent for complete detail. 

5. Job Or Military

Job Or Military

There are chances that military personnel might be shipped out at the notice of a moment. Marriage insurance can cover wedding postponement if the bride or groom gets called to military duties suddenly. This also applies to last-minute corporate procedures, such as the bride’s firm suddenly relocating her to other cities. 

Things A Wedding Insurance Never Covers

Insurance policies do not cover anything that goes wrong in a marriage ceremony. Policy terms might vary by insurer, but the following exclusions are general considerations: 

1. Price


Generally, postponements and cancellations due to the pricing structure are not included in the insurance. For example, suppose the reception, as well as the ceremony, exceeds your budget, and you want to scale back. In such cases, your insurance policy will not reimburse you for expenses or lost deposits. 

2. State Affairs

State Affairs

State affairs like terrorist attacks or strikes are not covered by wedding insurance coverage. There is no such policy on the insurance agreement that covers expenses related to disruptions in the state. 

3. Change Of Mind

Change Of Mind

In case you or your spouse changes their mind about marrying, your policy usually doesn’t cover the prices related to wedding cancellation. Unfortunately, couples splitting up is not covered by insurance- no matter how severe the reason is. 

4. Usual Bad Weather

Usual Bad Weather

Insurance might reimburse you for postponements or cancellations when the weather is extremely severe. This indicates that the weather is so bad nobody can reach upto the venue. Common weather conditions like rain on your beach wedding day won’t get reimbursed. 

What Is The Cost Of Wedding Insurance? 

Outside a car or house buying, weddings are usually the largest investment for a couple. You might not think twice when it comes to insuring your car or home. So, why do we think about securing your wedding expenses? 

As compared to the cost of marriage, insurance is a modest cost. The starting rate is somewhere between $175-180 for each insurance certificate. For weddings, insurance might range from as low as $100 to as high as $1,000. However, it depends completely on your insurance policy company about how they charge.

Irrespective of the policy you opt for, it is usual for your wedding site to request an insurance certificate. It usually covers your event load-in, installation as well as breakdown. Certain venues will also need you to present medical payments coverage as an additional document.

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The Bottom Line

Wedding insurance is something your big day deserves. Make sure you settle for the right insurance plan because it includes your entire lifetime plans. If you find something wrong with your insurance policy, make sure to talk to the concerned person and discuss your problems openly. 

The key to the perfect wedding is opting for insurance that covers all unprecedented expenses. With this, I bring my article to an end. Hopefully, it provided you with all the necessary insight into wedding insurance and how the coverage benefits you. Let me know your thoughts on this in the comment section below!

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