8 Ways To Access Mls Ottawa Listings

February 20, 2023

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Are you planning to buy a house in Ottawa, perhaps helping a friend buy property, or simply interested in the city’s real estate market? Unfortunately, sifting through the Ottawa real estate market can be lengthy and frustrating, especially if you’re not a real estate agent. However, a way to make the process so much easier is to look at comprehensive home listings.

However, not all listings are accessible to the general public. One readily available source is the Ottawa Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Also, unlike other databases, MLS has a broader list, with at least 300 fields of information about available properties.

Here are eight surefire ways to gain access to their services:

Use Online Free Sources

To access MLS Ottawa listings formally, you either need to pay a membership fee or be a licensed agent or broker. However, you can still access these listings online for free. A general Google search will provide information on websites with free MLS listings. These websites repost listings on their pages, which can give you a head start in the search process.

Another source is public MLS listings. These are official multiple listing services. The only difference is that they don’t give access to all the information on the restricted page. For instance, they won’t give you details on the days the property has been on the listings or its cap rate.

Work With A Licensed Agent

As previously stated, one of those with direct access to MLS Ottawa listings is a registered agent. Therefore, one way to access the listings is by working with a licensed agent.

An agent has access to listings and will give you relevant information. So consider hiring a licensed agent so you can get access to a more comprehensive list. With more options, you’re more likely to get the best property that suits your preferences.

Alternatively, you can ask a licensed agent to sponsor and give you access to the resource. In this case, you work as their unlicensed assistant. You’ll likely get the agent’s login information in this capacity.

However, it’s important to note that these professionals may be bound by MLS-specific laws that restrict them from having such business relationships. So you will have to inquire first whether the agent can get into a partnership with you.

Partner With An Investor

Real estate investors require a lot of information before purchasing or selling a property. They’re the cornerstones of the success of most real estate agents. An MLS database allows licensed agents to create client portals for such investors.

These portals give investors access to property listings. Therefore, it’d help to get into an agreement with an investor with such access. Some will require a commission fee for each sale you make from the listing or other ways to pay them for the access. With the access, you’ll see the available property listings and make the ideal moves for your benefit.

Become A Registered Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are one of the parties with access to MLS listings. If you plan on engaging in the real estate business for the long haul, consider becoming a registered real estate agent.

States differ concerning the process of becoming one. In some states, you must take pre-licensing courses, which equip you with the necessary agent skills. You’ll then take a licensing exam. Upon passing, you must activate your license with a fee.

Follow the activation with the payment of the membership fee for MLS in Ottawa or your preferred business operation area.

In this case, it’s best to inquire about becoming a real es

tate agent in your state. You don’t want to miss out on any requirement due to using the wrong information.

Become A Licensed Broker

As stated earlier, brokers are the other party legally allowed to access MLS and all its benefits. A real estate broker works to connect clients to available properties for sale or buying. The broker can work independently or be under a licensed agent.

In this case, it’d help to become a licensed broker. The steps in becoming a real estate broker differ from state to state. However, most states will require you to undergo training, get work experience, and sit for the real estate broker exam. Upon passing the exam, you become licensed and gain access to MLS Ottawa listings.

Make The Necessary Payment

MLS websites differ. Some only give access to licensed real estate brokers and agents, while others allow unlicensed members. Unlicensed members will be required to pay a regular membership fee, however.

Since a real estate property is a safe long-term investment, paying to gain membership should be a worthwhile compromise.

Build A Relationship With MLS

In this setup, you will have to show them how invested you are in real estate. Let them know how the relationship will benefit them as an organization. If successful, such a relationship might give you a stake at the top table.

It’s also important to note that the MLS will inquire about how you’ll use the data you obtain from them. It’s a question you must be ready to answer truthfully for an effective and respectful working relationship.

Grow Your Network

It’s said that your network is your net worth. When it comes to accessing MLS Ottawa listings, this statement isn’t far from the truth.

It’d help to create a network with real estate professionals or someone with direct access to it. To build your network, you can attend real estate social gatherings. You can initiate a conversation by informing brokers and agents about your real estate investment interests. Such information might make them see you as a great addition to their business. That will make them likely to share listings information with you as well.

If you wish to establish a long-term connection, ensure you regularly communicate and meet up with them.


Multiple listing services play a vital role in the real estate industry. Access to this data determines how easy or hard it’ll be to buy or sell a property. In this article, we’ve discussed the details of how you can access the MLS. It would help to use the insights in this post

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