Create An Everlasting Impression With Quirky Marketing Ideas

published on: March 1, 2023 last updated on: August 18, 2023

The present customers are smarter, and know-how companies try to influence their purchase decisions. Indeed age-old techniques such as heavy discounts, cold calling, and handouts work to attract them. However, these are effective only for short-term impression building. 

Implementing quirky and unique marketing strategies is essential if you desire to retain customers for the long term while acquiring a new audience. It aids brand awareness, drives the target audience, and increases sales.

How To Create An Everlasting Impression By Using Quirky Marketing ideas?

Nevertheless, the internet is the ocean of marketing ideas. This can make it overwhelming for you to select the right idea that suits your business’s requirements. 

Not anymore! Continue reading to discover the best marketing practices that’ll assist you in creating an everlasting impression on your target market. 

1. Turn Videos Interactive With Voice Overs

Video advertising

Video advertising has created a buzz in digital marketing for all good reasons. 

According to statistics, 59% of marketers affirm that videos are an effective way to reach out to the target audience and accomplish set goals. 41% of marketers admit that these promotion methods provide high RoI, and 36% of marketers disclosed that it aids in boosting brand engagement and building the brand impression.

So, if you have not yet implemented this idea, it is the right time. 

However, producing video content requires immense time and resources; thus, it might not be feasible for small businesses. 

Fortunately, you can use AI video generators to create information visual content and add voiceovers on them to make the content interactive. Voiceovers help in adding a human and personal touch to the visual content. Thus, it improves content engagement and leaves an impression on the viewer’s mind. 

2. Drive Traffic By Posting Unique Content 

Content is the king of the digital world. Whatever you do, providing high-quality and niche-relevant content will help you address the target audience’s needs and boost the brand’s credibility. 

Despite that, more than publishing articles on your business website is needed to drive organic traffic. It would help if you leveraged SEO strategies, such as guest posts, to attract referral traffic. Believe it or not, posting unique and interactive content on industry-relevant websites aids in improving backlink profiles. 

Moreover, search engines like Google view this as a vote. The more websites or pages mentioning your brand in their content, the higher your site’s authority will be. It will further elevate the brand’s credibility and build the brand’s impression.

brand awareness

Last but not least, you can enhance your brand awareness and impression by taking a leap over the competitors by presenting your view on trending topics. According to professionals at Outreach Monks, it could be by outreaching bloggers and publishing niche-relevant content on their websites. You can also use videos, infographics, webinars, or podcasts for the same purpose. 

The trending topics hold the keen interest of the target audience. Thus, your viewpoint will help them understand the subject better and make a well-versed decision. 

Hopping onto the trends will also ensure that you are visible to the customers constantly, in one way or another. However, it is noteworthy that the result of this marketing idea is not immediate. Instead, it will come in handy during the lead conversion process. So, you must keep your eyes on the trends. 

4. Leverage Infographics For Engagement 

As stated above, consumers today understand marketing tactics, so they get attracted to brands that offer something out of the box or have never seen before. However, creating a campaign like that requires time and resources, which might not always be available with a firm. 

A quick solution that you can use in such scenarios is to polish the already existing information. Simply put, you can revamp your content by adding infographics to them. They make the content look fresh and engaging. 

Studies have shown that nearly 34% of marketing students, researchers, and other users prefer infographics over other forms of content. Using graphic elements- colors, fonts, design, and others- helps consumers retain the information. 

You can accomplish multiple digital marketing goals using infographics. 

For instance, you can add value to your blog post, share the picture on social media, and rank on google image search. As the information given in the infographics is short and crips, the target audience is more likely to share it with others. The end results? The business visibility will accelerate through impression building.

5. Establish Expertise With Webinars


Webinars are an exclusive and quick way to connect with your target audience and build a brand impression. It is a general belief that the hosts and guests of the webinars are industry experts. They use this platform to share insights about the industry and help other businesses and entrepreneurs grow. 

So, you can schedule webinars for your brand marketing to slowly and steadily increase the company’s goodwill. Or, you can connect with the companies that often organize webinars and become guest speakers there. Either way, establishing industry expertise will give a boost to your brand. 

Likewise, you can use your networks to host webinars for all the industry experts. It will strengthen your industry relations, which will benefit your business in the long run. 


Whenever you are hosting a webinar, do your research and pick on the trending topics. Also, attend a few webinars to learn about the attendee’s queries and address them at your event. 

To Sum It All Up 

Leading your business in this highly competitive era without a marketing plan is like running in a loop. There is no destination to reach, and all the business effort goes down the drain. Fortunately, the quirky ideas discussed in this article will help you break this loop and run towards your destination, i.e., customers. 

So, what are you waiting for? Try out these marketing tips and build the impression right away!

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