Dixie finance is actually a branch of Wallace finance. The company provides personal loans for various purposes, such as home improvements, unexpected costs, vacation costs, health emergencies, and car repair.

Our Finance Team gathers all the resources that we think can be useful for your business in terms of growth and development. The latest report of this firm will let you know how a financial company actually works and what are the procedures they follow.

What Is Dixie Finance?

What Is Dixie Finance

Dixie finance is a financial company that provides the best financial services to clients for various purposes. The company has been in a small consumer loan process business since 1980. You can either take business loans or personal loans as per your requirement.

Moreover, this is actually a branch of Wallace Finance that provides loans near your locations. The other branches of this company are Empire Finance, Liberty Finance, and State Finance.

They handle small loan firms with 135 locations and seven states. The primary goal of Dixie is to help you get the money when you need it.

They claim that the company is completely legal and regulated, and audited by all states where they operate and comply with all laws and regulations.

What Is The Loan Application Process Of Dixie Finance?

Dixie Finance Loan Application

According to our research, the company participates in many state and national finance organizations: National  Installment Lenders Association, Tennessee Consumer Finance Association, Stand Up Missouri, and the Consumer Installment Loan Association of New Mexico.

The loan agreements of this firm include payment due date, expected monthly payment, fixed interest rate, and all fees upfront. Now, let’s discuss the loan application process of Dixie finance.

  • Go to the official website of Dixie finance.
  • Enter your personal details.
  • Enter the purpose of your loan application.

Once you are approved, you need to consider the local branch. Then, the member of the company will contact you and guide you through the loan procedures. After the verification of your submitted data, you will receive a loan confirmation form.

Dixie Finance – Latest News & Some Facts

Dixie Finance News & Facts

This finance company is getting popular in the United States, and you get the opportunity to review your contract before you sign it. There are some facts about this finance firm that are listed below:

  • Dixie finance does not accept post checks as well as cash checks. 
  • All the terms and conditions are listed on the contract
  • There are no hidden charges; the amount that is mentioned on the list is final. 
  • The customer service is very helpful.
  • The senior management has many years of combined experience in helping to serve the customers. 
  • The company examines the borrower’s willingness, ability, and stability to repay the loan using budgets and credit reports
  • This finance company already has the records of all the borrower’s history.
  • Loan amounts will vary based on State lending requirements. 
  • The application process takes only around 30 minutes or even less than this. 
  • They participate in many state and national finance organizations. 
  • Dixie finance is not a payday lender.
  • Installment loans reflect positively on your ability to responsibly manage debt

Dixie Finance Review – Genuine Feedback

Dixie Finance Review

Dixie finance is located in Owasso, Oklahoma, United States. The company generates $137,981 in sales and has a total number of 2 employees across all the locations.

According to the experts, the business is an industry that may require professional licensing, registration, and bonding. The reviews on this company claimed that this finance pays around $12.96 per hour for Collection Agent and $10 per hour for Assistant Manager.

However, this salary figure can change from time to time, and you can actually contact the employer to know the exact salary figure.

The Final Thoughts

There are bad reviews regarding the Dixie finance platform that you need to consider beforehand. Access to your loan is done instantly, but many are not satisfied with the same. So, this is all about this finance firm and if you have any extra queries, do let me know in the comment section below. 

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