The Ultimate Guide To Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

published on: April 26, 2023 last updated on: May 13, 2023
Cabinet Hinges

Choosing the right hinges for your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room cabinets is crucial because they can serve a variety of purposes. The appearance and performance of your cabinets and doors are greatly influenced by their design and functionality.

This guide will walk you through all the various styles of types of concealed cabinet hinges so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed when choosing the ideal ones. If you want to change or revamp things up a little, or even make repairs and are wondering how to install the hinges on your kitchen cabinets, this blog will guide you on how to do so. Learn with one another!

The Anatomy of Cabinet Hinges

Let’s examine the components of a hinge. Although they may differ based on the various styles and types of hinges, their functions remain the same.

  • Wing framing: The component of the hinge that connects to the cabinet frame.
  • Wing of door: a portion of the hinge that connects to the door of the cabinet.
  • Knuckle: enables rotation and connects the door wing to the frame wing.
  • Pin: Keeps the pivot intact.

There are many different uses for hinges. Because they can support more weight than regular hinges, industrial settings typically employ heavy-duty hinges. Bathrooms, kitchens, and gym lockers all have self-closing hinges. To force the door to close, soft-closing hinges require some pressure.

The cabinet’s hidden hinges are not visible from the outside. It is simple to disassemble demountable hinges without removing any hardware. There are likewise elaborate pivots that fill a beautiful need.

Chrome, stainless steel, steel, brass, copper, nickel, black, and white are all common finishes for hinges. Let’s take a closer look at the most common choices in kitchen cabinet hinges now that we know what they are and how they work.

European Hinges

European hinges, which are also referred to as invisible or concealed hinges on occasion, can assist homeowners in creating the ideal appearance for their small space kitchen table.

European-kind of pivots are introduced on the inside of the bureau and hid when the entryway is shut. They are available in a variety of sizes, have more room for adjustments, and they can handle doors that are heavier.

Nelson Cabinetry offers excellent cupboards at discount costs with pre-introduced European-covered pivots. We took care of it so that you won’t have to worry about finding and installing the right hinges or spending time doing so.

Surface Mount Hinges

A common type of hinge that can be found on kitchen cabinets are surface mount hinges, also known as frameless or side hinges. Because there won’t be a need to drill a hole, installing them is simple. Surface mount hinges are frequently used for decorative purposes due to their high visibility.

Flush Pivots

Flush pivots are just to some degree noticeable from an external perspective. They have two wings: one that goes on the back of the door and the other goes around the cabinet’s face frame and then inside the cabinet. Because it can support heavier doors, this kind of hinge will give you stability. Use them for the semi-covered look yet with added help.

Butt Pivots

Butt pivots are made of two mounting wings and a plate, and they are to some degree like flush pivots. This kind of hinge also has two sides that spread out, as flush hinges do; They can move freely because both sides are connected to the joint. If you want a traditional look and want to install them quickly, butt hinges are a great option.

Lash Pivots

Lash pivots mount outwardly on your kitchen cupboards. They can be either short or long, depending on how big and heavy your cabinet doors are. Most of the time, strap hinges are only used on face-frame cabinets.

Barrel Pivots

Barrel pivots stay stowed away so you won’t see them from an external perspective of the kitchen cupboards. They can be used on cabinet doors as well as for woodworking projects. Barrel hinges are an excellent option if you want to achieve a hinge-free appearance.

Interesting points While Picking Kitchen Cupboard Pivots

Prior to going with a decision, there are a few significant things you really want to consider. The kind of hinge you use needs to match the style of the cabinet door. Butt hinges or European hinges are the best options for inset doors. For full or fractional overlay entryways, we suggest utilizing European or surface-mount pivots.

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