Software Testing

Testing is an obligatory stage in any software development because it allows you to identify the slightest errors in the operation of your website or mobile application, which will enable you to fix them in time before it affects the quality of service. However, only some conduct testing effectively.

Today we want to give some tips on how to improve software testing.

1. Plan your testing and quality control processes

Planning for the testing process usually begins before the creation of the software. Testers plan quality control processes in parallel when programmers choose software development tools.

It involves the creation of several important documents:

  • Testing policy;
  • Quality management plan;
  • Testing strategy;
  • Test plan.

Each of the QA services are responsible for its aspect of testing. They define the main goals, what tools and types of testing will be used, how reporting will be carried out, and what should include testing and other aspects that will affect the development of your business.

2. Use Test-Driven Software Development Management

It is worth considering testing or doing it in parallel in real-time to create a better product when developing software. It is where extreme programming comes to your rescue. 2 types of such programming are closely related to testing:

  • Development through testing;
  • Pair programming.

In the first case, test cases are written before any code implementation. It uses the principle of the first test and then runs. Among the main advantages of such programming are:

  • Higher quality;
  • Optimization of development costs;
  • Code simplification;
  • Good performance.

Pair programming assumes that 2 specialists work on the same computer simultaneously. One writes the code, and the second immediately checks for errors. These specialists can change places if their skill level allows, increasing productivity and preventing human error.

3. Use the shift left approach to start testing as early and often as possible

start testing

This strategy allows you to check the code early rather than leaving this process to the end. It will enable you to identify bugs and shortcomings in the early stages while they have yet to lead to complex errors. It happens that one mistake leads to another and grows like a snowball. To prevent this situation, you can start testing as early as possible.

Such a solution will make it possible to create better software, save a lot of money and release the product much earlier, which is very convenient when potentials race.

4. Conduct a formal technical review

Before building software, you need to identify the standards it must meet. At different stages of creating software, it is worth conducting a technical consideration, which brings together various specialists who seek to understand how your product meets the goals for which it was created.

It lets you get an outside perspective and more information about your project. In addition, it makes it easier to find investors.

5. Provide the right work environment for your team

The quality of work and attitude to their duties directly depends on the working environment in your team. So, you need to explain all the responsibilities, ways of communication in the group, and other issues. Please create unique software that will simplify the work of your employees.

6. Conduct User Testing

Please involve your potential customers in software testing. They will be able to tell you whether your product can perform the functions it was designed for and what aspects need improvement. You should expect only some of the feedback at this stage to be positive, but if you can analyze real users’ opinions correctly and make changes, you will get a high-quality product.

7. Use automated tests

Automated tests can detect many more bugs than manual ones. They use special tools to provide complete code coverage, find vulnerabilities, and speed up the testing process since you can run several tests simultaneously. In addition, it avoids problems due to the human factor.

8. Implement exploratory testing

 Implement exploratory testing

A well-thought-out test plan is excellent, but you can’t predict some aspects. Performance test types involve checking specific criteria. However, sometimes it makes sense to perform spontaneous tests. Your specialist can be creative with tests and try to simulate unusual human behavior.

9. Use code quality changes

When you make changes that affect the quality of the software, be sure to document, review, and track them. Today there is no universal way to measure the quality of the code, so you need to independently think over the metrics by which you will understand the quality of the project.

10. Report bugs effectively

A good test report makes it easier and more efficient for programmers to fix bugs. Please use screenshots and tips for fixing bugs in the message so that they do not lead to new errors. The more understandable your report is, the better the product you can get.

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