Make Your Workplace More Sustainable

We certainly live in a world in which sustainability is being talked about more and more seriously by governments all over the world. As well as individuals taking action, it is also the responsibility of businesses to do so as well. Bearing this in mind, here are some of the ways to Make Your Workplace More Sustainable.

The past few years have seen growing awareness about the role and responsibilities of commercial businesses in saving our environment. Given how data suggests that businesses of all shapes and sizes are acting as major sources of green house gases and overall environmental degradation, it is high time that they start paying attention to issues of Global Warming and Climate Change. According to a WWF Singapore sustainable finance webinar, businesses, especially ones from the world of finance need to play their role in reversing the dangers of climate change and its disastrous effect on the planet’s biodiversity.

Switch to Green Energy

Green Energy

While your workplace may already get a certain percentage of its energy from green sources, now is the time to try and increase this number as much as possible. Technology is being released all the time to help this dream become a reality. While you may not be able to reach 100 percent renewable energy straight away, you can make a commitment to increase your reliance as much as possible.

Check Who You Are Working with

When you run a business, you work alongside a host of different suppliers. If you are doing everything that you can to protect the environment, you also want the same to be true of your suppliers, so it is certainly worth checking their green credentials in closer detail. If you are concerned about your suppliers, you should contact them directly. If they don’t seem to be heading in the same direction as yourself, now may be the time to switch.

Recycle Widely

There are several different elements to a successful recycling policy at work. First of all, you need to ensure that all the right facilities are in place, including clearly labeled bins, etc. You should also look at recycling baler machines that can help you gather recyclable products on a grand scale. Also, make sure that you are recycling everything in your workplace that can be. There are some items that are commonly overlooked, such as batteries, light bulbs, and printer ink cartridges.

Set Targets in Reduction

Before you set your business testing some reduction targets, it is worth starting off by measuring your carbon footprint to work out your current impact on the environment. This way, you know the current impact that you are having and will be able to make reductions accordingly. Focus on the different areas of your business that can benefit the environment. For example, you could commit to adopting a paperless approach straight away. However, when it comes to cutting back on your travel emissions, it may be that you take a step-by-step approach – 10% in the first six months, 20% in the first year, etc.

Keep Up with the Latest Research

Simply keeping up to date with the latest research on climate and taking into account suggestions made by qualified experts can go a big way towards ensuring that you are consistently on top of your game in terms of running a more sustainable workplace.

Often, it is the little changes that all add up when it comes to making a workplace more sustainable. These are just a few of the things that you can do today.

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