Finding Reliable Sources Of Information About Crypto

June 17, 2023


The cryptocurrency industry is a constantly evolving organism, and everyone is talking about it.

Every day the number of “experts” who just learned the basics but are already making predictions increases. In light of this, the question of how to find reliable crypto information has become very acute.

We’ll share with you the best ways, thanks to which you’ll always be up to date!

Reputable News Sources

If you choose the right news source, consider that you have successfully done half the job. The fact is that a lot of sites now work on commission, working with digital currency developers, and writing untrue news for money. That is why it is important to have a list of news sites that are well-established because they value their reputation too much to get money for deception.

Here is a small list of such sources:

  • CoinDesk. This online media has been around for 10 years, and since its existence, investors have not had any complaints about it. Here you can find not only news but also expert opinions and podcasts.
  • Crypto News. As stated by the creators of the site, it was created by investors for investors. It is for this reason that there is not only a lot of news, but it also provides the ability to track the prices of digital assets in real time.
  • Decrypt. It publishes the latest news about digital assets, as well as good courses for beginners. This is one of the reasons why newbies choose it.

The list does not end there, because there are many other great sites, but it is a topic for another article. We recommend comparing sites, checking the truthfulness of the information on them, and only after that trusting the news from there.

Official Project Sites

This is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to look for verified information about cryptocurrencies that interest you. Just go to the official website of the project and you can find out what the developers have already achieved and what they plan to do. Most information can be found on the websites of famous developers. If we are talking about new digital assets, it is not unreasonable to study the roadmap to understand what to expect.

Expert Blogs and Websites

Industry blogs and websites can be very useful because they are run by real experts. However, it is very difficult to distinguish between an expert and a user who thinks he or she is an expert. You will need to visit several blogs and analyze the information provided there to make the right choice.

The situation with websites is the same as with blogs. We can recommend Cryptodiffer – a source where you can find all actual data about cryptocurrency projects. Here the news is carefully filtered before publication. You can also read sites that are run on behalf of digital currency exchanges. There, too, the information will be up-to-date. You can go to the website of Kraken or Gemini exchanges and read news and reviews there if you prefer that option.

Verified Accounts on Social Media

If this or that cryptocurrency expert has a verified social network account, you can definitely deal with him. The thing is that you have to confirm your identity in order to get the status, which means that no fraudster can pass himself off as a professional.

For example, Vitalik Buterin and Michael Sailor have confirmed Twitter accounts that no one can fake. In addition, you can always use a search engine to check the information about who calls himself an expert. If he has videos on YouTube, an author’s blog and posts on social networks, as well as a verified account, you can safely use his predictions for investing in digital currencies.

Community Forums

We couldn’t miss the forums, as they are mostly responsible for the development of the cryptocurrency community. Despite the fact that some investors consider them as public opinion platforms that can be manipulated, the main purpose of such forums is for users to share their opinions or discuss an interesting crypto project.

Some of the most popular forums are Bitcointalk, BitcoinGarden and BlackHatWorld. Here beginners can learn a lot of useful things about digital assets, and experienced investors have an opportunity to discuss projects they are interested in.

Industry Conferences

More often than not, the speakers at these conferences are experienced and well-known investors in the community who can share case studies, make predictions or say some interesting things. However, it is important to detect fraudulent experts who are just after users’ money.

Before you go to such a conference, search for information about the speaker online and read what other investors have to say about him or her. Also, pay attention to the number of users willing to listen to the speaker. Few people know about scammers, so it is doubtful that a large number of people will attend a conference organised by them.

Wrapping Up

If you have decided to invest in digital assets, the information about cryptos will be the best guide for you. We advise you to choose your sources carefully, otherwise, you will not achieve any results.

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