FedEx international shipment release – import— what does it mean? If you are looking for this question over the internet, you are just in the right place.

FedEx international shipment release import means—   the release of products from custom control for international shipment. Many of us use FedEx to send goods across the border. They face various problems, like– parcels being delayed,  taking too much time to deliver the parcel, etc.

Along with these, many of us don’t understand many shipment terms— this is the reason I am here to write this article to help you out from these situations.

So, keep on reading till the end point of the article; you’ll get everything that you want to know about international shipment release – import.

What Does International Shipment Release – Import Mean?

International shipment release – import mean– it is a status you generally see. It is considered the same as the default International shipment release status without any suffix. It simply means that your FedEx parcel has been checked and released by your own country’s customs.

When you track your international parcel, you will see the status of international shipment release – import. FedEx status is not displayed in the tracking of FedEx sheets. It is the process of international parcel delivery.

Initial steps have been taken from the sending country.  After that, the receiver country forwards this parcel to the country’s customs department.

The main process has been conducted in this step. After the receiver country’s customs department received the parcel. They start to apply their duties. After checking everything, FedEx delivered the parcel to the destination address. Now you no need to ask what does international shipment release mean.

In this whole process, sometimes parcels are delayed in delivery to the receiver’s address. Now the question is raised— why? 

Why Is Your Parcel Delayed?

At the beginning of international shipment release – import, I said that after the receiving country receives the parcel, it is forwarded to the customs office for the next process. Custom offices are sometimes delayed in conducting the whole process.

Here I am going to talk about what happens when your parcel arrives in the country so that it gets to your front door. When you are tracking the goods, and they are showing “help for clearance” and you may be wondering what’s going on– where is my parcel?

After the parcel arrives, it comes from the airport. It is directly brought to the international mail center. Where experienced staff pay first attention to a number of things such as drugs, baking products, weapons, etc.

Later, the parcels are going to be examined to identify food by the observation of MPI (Ministry For Primary Industries) items because food items can be damaged by the environment and treatments. If there is no issue, your parcel should just pass through seamlessly.

However, if you have tracked your parcel and it shows hold for clearance.  Plus, it shows that we need any follow-up required, then MPI customs will get in touch with you regarding the international Mail Center Process.

It takes a little more time just because there are millions of items each week that can be quite time-consuming. But the MPI assure you that they will deliver the parcel to your doorsteps.

What Does Release From Import Customs Mean?

International shipment release – import custom means the whole custom process has been done, and your parcel is moving forward to your address. I know that there are some terms that can make us anxious.

If you see the term “ release from import custom” – don’t be scared. Your parcel has passed the exam in the country’s customs office.

How Long Does It Take For An International Shipment To Be Released?

See, you need to understand that it is an international shipment. You may know that there are many fraud people around the world who pass illegal goods across the border.

This is one of the reasons customs offices and staff take it seriously before passing the goods for delivery. In this case, there is no exact fixed time. It depends on the product and delivery address.

Although, it can be said that the faster you can send all the necessary documents and required information to the customs office, the faster the process will be held.

How Long Does It Take To Receive A Package After It Clears Customs?

Again, there is no set time. It depends on the sender country and the receiver country as well. Generally, it takes 3 to 10 business days to clear customs.

How Do You Know If Your Package Has Cleared Customs?

You can get to know about the status of your parcel on the United States Postal Service(USPS) website. If your parcel cleared customs, it would show “Customs Released”.

Why Is Your  Fedex Package In Transit For So Long?

Many people ask me in the comment section why the FedEx package is in transit for so long. Well, there are some possible reasons.

  • Delay at the origin country and destination country.
  • There was a problem with the parcel. Somehow packaging has not been done properly.
  • Incorrect address.

However, if you have any more queries, you can contact FedEx customer service.

Why Does International Shipping Take So Long?

I think it is obvious to take some extra time to deliver the parcel across the border. Every country follows a few individual rules and regulations. The parcel needs to be passed the costumes by following the rules and regulations.

In addition, shipping companies can face bad weather or other unexpected causes.

Why Do Packages Get Stuck In Customs?

In the process of international shipment release – import, there are some reasons for packages getting stuck in customs. One reason is that the containing goods are not allowed into the receiving country. For example, if someone tries to send cigarettes, the packages might be seized by customs officials.

Another reason is if the delivery address is not found, then the products get returned to the customs office.

Can Customs Take Your Package?

Yes, customs can take your parcel for numerous reasons. For example, for cross-checking to make sure that content is allowed into the country. If your parcel is seized by customs, you should contact them to guide what you need to do to get it back.

What Happens After A Package Is Released From Customs?

Once the parcel is passed from customs, you will see international shipment release – import. it is sent forward to the delivery address by the shipping carrier. Throughout its journey, the package will be scanned and tracked.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):-

You almost reached the end of this article. I cover everything about international shipment release – import and its retable matters. However, you might take a look below because there are some questions that have been asked by many people. 

Q1. Why Is Fedex So Slow?

A package can stay upto 7 days in transit at FedEx. Apart from this, Fezex may be trying to do a lot of things at a time, and another reason may be the company can not invest enough money in its infrastructure. 

Q2. How Long Does International Shipping Take From China To The Us?

From China to the US, it takes two to four weeks for international shipping.  Although, the time is dependent on the shipping method.

Q3. How Long Is International Standard Shipping?

International standard shipping takes 7 to 10 business days. They are following the quickest process to get parcels from one country to another. For this reason, it is also the most expensive way to ship parcels

Q4. What Is The Fastest International Shipping?

Well, the fastest international shipping is Air cargo.

Wrapping It Up!

This article covers everything about international shipment release – import. In conclusion, it must be said that legal items and having all documents are the key parts of fast shipping and passing customs clearance

However, besides having these, if you face any issues, please let me know in the comment section. It will help us mutually to solve the issues.

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