Top 10 Best Money Making Investment Ideas for Beginners in 2019

published on: February 26, 2019 last updated on: October 21, 2022
Best Money Making Investment Ideas

While beginning, the parting thought with money for options of investment is hard and scary at times. With the assistance of the top ideas of investment for beginners, the whole investment process will become somewhat manageable.

If you are someone that is looking at great opportunities for investing your finances, you can consider an asset class that has been in the news for the last two years. Cryptocurrencies have dominated all other assets comfortably. They have risen more than 70% in value right through the year 2021. With the last year doubling the total number of investors in crypto, 2022 looks bright and promising for high growth margins in cryptocurrencies.

To figure out the things to do in investment, you can use the investment ideas for beginners below to make money for yourself. Before proceeding, all the concepts of investment have their fundamental strategies and principles that you need to know. You do not have to invest in them all to gain success, pick a few that you want to learn and stick with it.

1. ETFs

Exchange-traded funds have gone through a popularity boom in the last few years. An ETF contains a basket of securities that trade intraday like individual stocks on the exchange, and bear the design of tracking an underlying index. They are the same as mutual funds which hold an approach in the structure. They look similar to mutual funds like mini-portfolio. Every ETF is focused on particular categories, asset classes, and sectors. Certain ETFs have a future prime for future growth that beginners can cash on.

2., REITs

The majority of REITs have benefited from the most recent trends in housing. The number and percentage of renters have been increasing steadily in terms of recovery and housing crashes. UDR owns over fifty thousand apartments and has been in business for the last forty-six years and has been paying dividends for the majority of the years. The funds it has from operations are excellent. The strategy is straightforward and brilliant. Buy or build in dense neighborhoods where firms are starved or possess a housing difficulty or have an unquenchable requirement for employees.

3. The elderly care industry

The industry of elder is on the surge, and it is not because of the speculative bubble. The current world is old with a population of people sixty years and above expected to rise to over two billion in the next thirty years. With the senior population increasing in the world, new and additional opportunities for investment in firms that target these groups emerge. Essential growth areas can be found in retirement and healthcare industries for homes.

4. Direct equity

Investing in the stock might not be a cup of tea for everybody because it is a volatile class of asset that does not guarantee returns. Also, this is not only difficult when it comes to picking stocks, timing the exit and entry is too hard. The silver lining is that on long periods, equity delivers higher inflation than any other class of assets.

Also, the risk of losing a portion of your capital is quite high not unless you opt for the stop-loss method that will curtail losses. In this method, you place an advance order that will sell stock at a particular price. To reduce risks to one specific extent, you can diversify across various market capitalizations and sectors. To invest in these equities, you need a Demat account.

5. Debt mutual funds

mutual funds

Funds from debts are great for investors that are seeking steady returns. They are not as volatile, therefore, are less risky as compared to funds of equity. Debt mutual funds invest in fixed securities of generating interests like commercial paper, treasury bills, government securities, corporate bonds, and other instruments of the money market.

6. The national pension system

This is a long-term product of focused retirement that is managed by pension fund regulators and development authorities. The minimal investment is set to a particular amount per month. It bears a mixture of corporate bonds, fixed deposits, equity, government funds, and liquid funds. Based on your appetite for risks, you can choose the amount to invest in these equities. There is a good return in the market for investments.

7. The public provident fund

This is a fund that many people turn to. Since it has a very long tenure of fifteen years, impacts of compounding tax-free interest are humongous, especially after a few years. Also, the earned interest and invested principle are backed by a guarantee; it makes it an investment that is safe.

8. Fixed deposits at banks


This is among the safest investment ideas all over the world. Under the rules of credit guarantee and deposit insurance, every depositor in the bank is insured to a particular amount for both the interest and principal amount. According to the need, you might opt for half-year, quarterly, yearly, or the option of increasing interest in them. The earned interest rate is added to the income of someone and gets taxed according to a particular slab of income.

9. RBI taxable bonds

Governments have replaced the one-time eight percent savings with new rates on taxable bonds. The bonds come with seven-year tenure. They may get issues in the form of demand and credited to bond ledger accounts for the investor and a holding certificate is offered to investors as investment proof.

10. Gold


Owning gold in jewelry form has concerns like high cost and safety. Making charges is also another aspect that ranges between six to fourteen percent of the total price of gold. For people that want to purchase gold coins, there exists a viable option too. You can buy coins that are ingeniously minted. The alternate way of having paper gold in a manner that is cost-effective is through gold ETFs. This investment happens on the stock exchange with gold being the underlying asset. Investing here is an excellent way of owning paper gold.


A few of the above investment ideas for beginners above have fixed income while others have a market link. Both market investments and fixed income have a role to play in wealth creation processes. While investments that are market-linked help in navigating the volatility and the procedure of generating high returns, fixed income investments aid in the preservation of accumulated wealth to meet the desired target. It is crucial to use both world worlds for you to have a mix of investments for a secure future.

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