JP Power Share Price – Present Price, Forecast, Statistics – Should You Invest In It In 2022?

published on: June 27, 2022 last updated on: July 6, 2022
JP Power Share Price

JP Power Share Price comes from an Indian Power Company named Jaiprakash power ventures limited. Incorporated on 21st December 1994, it’s a part of India’s leading infrastructure conglomerate named Jaypee Group. Jaypee Group is a multidimensional infrastructure conglomerate in India with interests in construction, Engineering, Cement, Power, Real Estate, Expressways, etc. They develop, implement, and operate India-based power projects.

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Current JP Power Share Price

The JP Power Share Price today, which is on June 20, 2022, is 5.750 INR.

JP Power Share Price Prediction

JP Power Share Price Prediction

Before investing in any share, you must know what its future behavior is and how it’s going to perform in the coming years. That’s why I have come up with the historical and predicted future data in relation to JP Power Share Price.

1. Historical Data

DateOpening priceClosing priceMinimum priceMaximum price
2022-06-17Open: 6.200Close: 6.100Low: 6.100High: 6.200
2022-06-16Open: 6.750Close: 6.350Low: 6.300High: 6.750
2022-06-15Open: 6.700Close: 6.650Low: 6.650High: 6.750
2022-06-14Open: 6.800Close: 6.700Low: 6.700High: 6.850
2022-06-13Open: 6.850Close: 6.750Low: 6.750High: 6.850
2022-06-10Open: 7.000Close: 7.050Low: 7.000High: 7.100
2022-06-09Open: 6.950Close: 7.100Low: 6.900High: 7.100
2022-06-08Open: 7.050Close: 6.900Low: 6.900High: 7.050
2022-06-07Open: 7.100Close: 7.050Low: 7.050High: 7.100
2022-06-06Open: 6.900Close: 7.150Low: 6.900High: 7.200
2022-06-03Open: 7.100Close: 7.050Low: 7.000High: 7.150
2022-06-02Open: 7.200Close: 7.300Low: 7.150High: 7.400
2022-06-01Open: 7.100Close: 7.200Low: 7.050High: 7.200
2022-05-31Open: 6.750Close: 6.900Low: 6.750High: 6.900


Analysis: As you can see, from 31st May to 10th June, the JP power share was in an increasing trend. After 13th June, the JP Power share price started to drop and which you can consider a negative signal. However, since the overall outlook is positive, its’ recommendable.

2. Predicted Future Data 

DatePriceMin PriceMax Price
2022-06-21Price: 5.838Min: 5.515Max: 6.154
2022-06-22Price: 5.824Min: 5.507Max: 6.149
2022-06-23Price: 5.767Min: 5.437Max: 6.091
2022-06-24Price: 5.665Min: 5.367Max: 6.013
2022-06-27Price: 5.486Min: 5.162Max: 5.831
2022-06-28Price: 5.637Min: 5.305Max: 5.959
2022-06-29Price: 5.623Min: 5.295Max: 5.954
2022-06-30Price: 5.566Min: 5.227Max: 5.899
2022-07-01Price: 5.464Min: 5.141Max: 5.775
2022-07-04Price: 5.284Min: 4.941Max: 5.628


Analysis: The forthcoming share price chart above shows that the JP power share will be on a lowering trend from 21st June to 4th July 2022. A sharp decline in the profitability of the stock is clearly observable here leading to negative ROI.

52 Week High And Low Of JP Power Share Price

The 52 Week H/L is basically the highest price at which a share of stock or security trades during the time equating to one year. It’s nothing but a technical indicator framed on the regular closing price for the security.

Below is the 52 Week H and Low data aligned to the JP Power Share Price Target 2022.

1. Historical Data 

52 Week High52 Week Low

2. Predicted Future Data 

52 Week High52 Week Low

Bullish Or Bearish?

Bullish Or Bearish


Analysis: The data above as well as the diagram proves that JP Power has been in a bearish cycle over the past 12 months. At present, there is a trend where the stocks in the Utilities sector aren’t much popular. Therefore, there is a high possibility that the stock won’t generate optimum ROI.

JP Power Share Performance By 2027

JP Power Share Performance By 2027


Analysis: The graph above shows that JP power share will be exhibiting an upward rising trend over the next 5 years. From June 2023 to June 2027, the health of the share will show positive growth. This makes the stock an investment-worthy share to include in your portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. What Is The JP Power Share Price NSE India Today?

The JP Power Share today, which is on June 20, 2022, is 5.750 INR.

Q2. Will The JP Power Share Price Go Up?

Yes, the JP power share price could go up from 5.750 INR to 8.600 INR from 2022 to 2023. 

Q3. Is It Profitable To Invest In The JP Power Share?

Yes, it’s quite profitable to invest in JP power share. The long-term earning potential is +49.56% in a single year.

Q4. What Will Be The JP Power Share Price In 5 Years (2027)?

Within 5 years, the JP Power Share Price will be 16.541 INR. A positive earning potential is thus observable.

Q5. Will JP Power Share Price Crash?

Taking into account our analysis, this is not going to happen, at least within the next 5 years.

The Verdict – Is JP Power Share Worth Investing?

To summarize, it’s quite observable that JP Venture power share has been in the bearish cycle for the past 1 year. Hence, the chances of price uplift are low, but according to stock analysis, a positive trend can be reflected in the coming year. As a result, JP shares could be a reliable stock in order to invest money.

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Disclaimer: Respected Readers, the JP Power share price facts, and the data we presented above are all assumptions. All the data refers to those present on the leading cryptomarket websites. The actual values might be different on the basis of the market situation. Please note that share/stock prices are subject to market risks. Read all the documents and examine them carefully before investing. 

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