Are you selling from Etsy or amazon? Then you might be getting different notifications upon each sale. So if you suddenly get this notification saying, “label created not yet in system,” should you be worried? 

I know many sellers who get worried after getting such notifications from USPS. They usually think that the order is canceled or something is wrong with the order. 

But there is no reason to worry. USPS is a very reliable courier partner. You can trust your order items with them to reach the buyer in time. So you may see this ailing notification and some others. But the issue will eventually get solved. 

If you want a simple and detailed answer, you can follow me in this article. Here I have answered what the USPS label created not yet in the system notification means. But first, I will fill you in on what USPS is. 

What Is USPS?

USPS is a very reliable delivery and mailing service. It has been working with Woocommerce, Salesforce partners, and Okla. Different famous eCommerce platforms like Amazon deliver their shipments using the services provided by USPS. However, many people tend to confuse UPS with USPS. UPS is a completely different organization, but both offer similar package delivery services across different states of the U.S. and worldwide.

Both are known for their great delivery services. USPS is also a great place to work at. The organization has been a great employer and has offered various career opportunities to thousands of aspirants. 

If the order is delivered inside the US, it is expected to arrive within 1 to 3 business days. But the time of arrival for domestic orders depends on the shipment’s location. In addition, it includes the tracking and insurance of the orders. 

Shipping boxes and envelopes are not charged for; they are free. Also, with Priority Mail Flat Rate®, the items don’t need to weigh around 70 lbs and under that. 

What Does Label Created Not Yet In System Mean? 

The notification you are reading here means — the shipper has gone through USPS’s process to create an online shipping label. It also means that the payment for the shipment postage is also taken care of. 

It could mean that the shipment has not been paid for. But the package has yet to be shipped. The label created not yet in the system notification can also mean that the package has been shipped. But the item has not been scanned in the USPS tracking system (meaning that the product is still on the truck that picked up the product from the shipper.

But there is no need to worry. The product will soon be scanned once it reaches the local postal processing center. Once it reaches a local postal processing center, the item will soon be scanned. Then it will move through the system, and you will get a status notification right away.

How Long Do I Have To See USPS Label Created Not Shipped? 

Are you seeing a tracking status reading “label created?” If so, then it means that the shipment label of the item has been paid for. The product is waiting for the first “in transit” scan by the carrier. Sometimes, the shipping status remains stuck at “Label Created.” This usually lasts (if longer) for 1 to 2 business days after the seller leaves the package with the carrier. 

This may lead you to ask – Why hasn’t USPS scanned my package? Well, there can be different reasons behind that. Here are some of the reasons –

  • If you drop the package after hours, there is a chance that USPS or UPS will scan it the next day. 
  • The drop package can also be in the queue at the UPS or USPS facility
  • It could also mean that the package is lost. 
  • The postal or UPS, or USPS workers may not get the package that day. 

But, things start to get problematic if the USPS tracking does not update the product delivery status in days. 

What Happens If USPS Doesn’t Update For Days?

If you don’t get an update on the product tracking for days from USPS, then the final step is contacting USPS customer service. Thankfully, you can contact their customer care services using their toll-free number.  

Here is the number –  1-800-275-8777

You can call customer care and explain your current situation. They will listen to your problem and help you get the tracking information. The customer service providers will help you track the location of your package with the help of their backend tools.

Label Created Not Yet In System: Solved 

If you are seeing the notification reading “label created” or “not yet in system,” notification then it only means that your production was processed and packaged at the USPS warehouse. But they still did not scan the product at the shipping location. Sometimes the tracking system may get confusing to understand. 

But eventually, your shipping status will be updated and be trackable again. Your package can also get lost, But that usually does not happen. Usually, the issue gets solved within 1 to 3 business days. However, if you don’t get any update after a week, you should contact their customer services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some related queries that should also get your attention. 

1. How Long Does UPS Stay On Label Created?

Ans: If you see the label created notification from UPS and there has been no update ever since then, you should contact UPS and request a void. However, you have to do that within 90 days. They don’t process a void after 180 days.  

2. What Happens After A Shipping Label Is Created?

Ans: When the label is ready, both the carrier and the customer get a notification. The customer gains a notification regarding when to expect the package. Also, the notification may add the package tracking number. 

3. Is It Normal For USPS Tracking To Not Update?

Ans: It is not impossible to skip out on package scanning. Sometimes they may run behind schedule and may delay the product scanning. It may result in the product arriving late to the order. 

Final Take Away 

So, I think you have found the answer to your query about the label created not yet in system notification. USPS & UPS may sometimes skip scanning and delay the delivery process. Usually, the scanning process gets delayed for 1 to 3 business days. 

However, if it takes more than a week, you should contact their customer service. Did you find this article helpful? If so, share your feedback in the comment.

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