Ron DeSantis’ Economic Plan Aims To Collapse The Elites

Governor Ron DeSantis declared the economic platform of his presidential campaign on Monday with a notably populist economic message that concentrated on collapsing the power centers throughout American society, starting from the corporate C-suites to the Federal Reserve.

“We cannot allow the failed ruling class in this nation to dictate our nation’s policies, we have to defeat those individuals and institutions that have caused our economic malaise,”

he added.

The DeSantis “Declaration of Economic Independence” comes as the candidate looks for traction in the race where former President Donald Trump has broadened his lead in recent months’ polls.

The fresh DeSantis proposal incorporates a 10-point plan as to how he would address the economy, additionally with a new economic website that launched on Monday. It has “We Win. They Lose.” adorned across the top.

The Elites From The Fed And C-Suites

During the speech, DeSantis kept on returning to the idea of the “elites” – a term he used approximately 13 times in a speech of 50 minutes.

He said,

“There’s a difference between a free market economy, which we want, and corporatism in which the rules are jiggered to be able to help incumbent companies.”

But, to everyone’s surprise, DeSantis did not bring up his ongoing dispute with Disney on Monday. As the campaign trail began, this was a topic that he kept mentioning less over time.

When the topic passed on to Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve, DeSantis accompanied some of his GOP colleagues, confirming that he would undo the dual mandate of the Fed and pressurize the agency to focus only on inflation.

“The Fed needs to have a limited role in this country, it’s not accountable to the electorate,”

he added while he also renewed his evaluation of a central bank digital currency proposition.

“I will appoint a chairman of the Federal Reserve who understands that,”

DeSantis said.

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