Top 5 Trends In 2022 That Will Affect UK Property Investment

published on: July 5, 2022 last updated on: July 6, 2022
Property Investment

The property industry is roaring back to life and it is also experiencing lots of upcoming trends this year that are going to create major changes in the industry.

It is certainly going to affect the estate investments in the UK and particularly in major places like Surrey. We could see the pandemic-driven changes in the housing market that can also influence the decisions the homeowners, property sellers, buyers and investors will make. 

But it can be challenging to find out which changes are here to stay and which are temporary.

If you are looking for a house for sale in Surrey you have to know about the new property investment trends of 2022 so you can find the best property that can also serve as a great investment for you.

Find out about all the five major trends that will largely impact property investments.

1. Properties with a green outlook

As more emphasis is put on the subject of the climate crisis than ever, one top trend that is impacting the real estate industry is the idea of green homes. Lots of steps are taken to make old and new properties more environmentally friendly and many property investors and home buyers consider this aspect as their top requirement.

 green outlook

For instance, the homes will be offered with more energy-efficient features and amenities to meet the strict environmental standards and more serious measures will be taken for adding sustainability factors to the properties to reach the goal of net-zero to cut greenhouse emissions.

If you are searching for an attractive green home in Surrey you can contact the reputed estate agents in Surrey who have plenty of homes in their listing that fits your description.

2. Use of high-end technology

One top trend that will impact the housing industry is the use of high-end technology which will help in representing the physical properties virtually. It is going to help the homeowners understand their building and it will also influence the decision of the home buyers and investors whether to buy the property or not.

As home is one of the important assets and investments many would like to know its value and how they can improve it in the future.

So a digital copy of the home will prove useful as it will help the home buyers and property investors to view the property virtually thereby helping them know how the property will look before and after improvements and how they can increase its value. Also, other tools like virtual tools, 3D tours, and drone videos are becoming popular to view the properties from different angles.

For instance, one can paint the walls of the property in a digital replica with a different color to check how it looks before deciding to paint. Another way this technology can be used is in the task of remodeling the bathroom or other areas of the property. Therefore more and more use of high-end technology in the property sector is the upcoming trend of 2022.

3. Need for more space

Today many people have recognized the need for more space to live comfortably so they are searching for properties with more space so they can spend a better part of their time working from home and also find homes in a destination that is nearer to their office.

That is why there is a demand for family homes and larger apartments and many first-time buyers also prefer to buy homes with more space. So this year the need for space will become a top property investment trend and if you are also looking for homes with a large space and great amenities, you can speak with the estate agents to know about the similar properties available.

4. The shift from cities to the countryside

The busy life in the cities has taken a toll on working people and families so many are shifting from the cities to the idyllic countryside locations such as Surrey.

The main reason for this shift is necessity and choice and living in such locations is an attractive thing because of the excellent properties available along with other amazing amenities. So moving from the cities to peaceful and serene locations is also one of the 2022 property investment trends in the UK.

You can also book a home in the amazing county of Surrey neighborhood by contacting the estate agents operating in the area.

5. Millennials entering the homeowner phase

The trend of millennials joining the crowd of first-time homeowners is also increasing this year as they have entered the homeowner phase of their life.

homeowner phase

They have started a family so they are looking for a comfortable home to live in an ideal location. So we can expect a lot of people from this particular generation to become homeowners this year.



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