Ultimate Money Saving Tips for a Startup

November 24, 2018


Nowadays startup is all about following your passion and starting your own business according to your passion, But some people start their business just for making money or for avoiding the regular 9-5 job. The research also shows that more than 75% of startups are either failing or can’t be able to generate proper revenue. If you are following your passion and doing the startup as your side business then it may be okay but if your startup is the only source of your income then it can be a serious issue and you need to take some action on this.

You can reduce some expenses with the help of those tips. If you can reduce some expenses then it will give you some extra money which can be your profit or you can use that money for your startup.

1.  Use an accounting software instead of an accountant:

An accountant is the most important person for handling all of your accounting and invoicing, but fees for hiring an accountant is too high. You can save that money by using an accounting software, an accounting software can do the same work as an accountant do and in some case, it is more flexible than an accountant. There are many types of accounting software are present in the market you can choose any one of them according to your use.

2. Use co-working space as your office:

The startup can start from anywhere don’t waste or spend your funds on renting or buying a proper space for your startup first generate some decent amount of profit then buy some space. The biggest example of this is the Apple which starts from a garage and now become most of the topmost industry in a tech world. You can also start your company from your house if you have a team and you need a space then you can use a co-working space. Co-working space can save a huge amount of your money.

3. Make a proper plan:

A plan is a blueprint of your strategy if you are continuously changing your plans then you are definitely wasting some of your money. The one thing you need to do is take some time and make a proper plan for startup by discussing with your team and co-worker. Please consider all the aspect before finalizing a plan and strategy for your business.

4. Try to find the best investor for your startup:

An investor is hard to find and finding the best investor is same as finding a four-leaf clover. Don’t go to the investor which don’t have the knowledge of your product and field those type of investor don’t want anything from you they just want the money which your startup can return back to them. Be safe from that kind of investor, you try to explain your startup who can have knowledge of your product and service and can respect your startup.

Research can save a lot of your money, you should do a proper research on the market what is running on your market and how the GST and other taxes can affect your startup. You should research on the organization related to your startup what steps the took to introducing their product and service and how they are providing better service to their customer. If you do all that research before actually starting startup then it will be a great plus for your business and it can save your time and your money.

Those are just five tips which can help you to save some money there are many other tips which can also help you to save some money. The internet is one of them you can use the internet for advertising and market your startup without spending a penny from your pocket. The more you aware with your competitor the more you can save money and generate more profit.

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