We value the opinion of our customers so we asked them to choose one thing they like about our service the most and analysed submitted CapitalXP reviews to put together the following rating.

1. Security:

Security of our customers’ data and the safety of their market experience is taken seriously in our company. That’s why the website is secured via the latest SSL technology.

2. Support and trading 24/7:

Do you want to make money around the clock? We are able to provide you that. Open and close positions 24/7, and do not worry about having any trouble of getting quality support outside of usual business hours.

We value our clients and consider it an honor to have an opportunity to accompany them on their trading journeys!

3. Educational resources:

There is a full length of educational tools available for all levels of Forex knowledge.

Glossary will provide a basic understanding of terms that are used in trading on a regular basis.

Live-streamed webinars with leading experts and analysts will offer adept guidance and insights on inner workings of trading to make you more knowledgeable about the market.

E-books on Forex, CFD, stocks, and cryptocurrencies make self-paced and well-rounded education a reality.

Market news will provide relevant data to make informant decisions in trading.

Trading signals from the external provider will help make quick and clever trading decisions.

4. User-friendly:

The website and the mobile application both are designed with clients in mind. User-friendliness of the interface is a point of pride for developers, and it is reflected in many CapitalXP reviews.

5. Flexible trading to all investor types:

The platform is useful for traders for all levels of expertise and involvement in the process. You don’t have to be already a specialist to use MT4 with our help, there are educational resources and the help of experts available. Moreover, if you have more than a basic understanding of how to behave on the market and how to use tools existing to make the process smoother, you will be glad to see that a variety of them is here at your disposal.\

6. Transparency:

Transparency, in our opinion, is a must for a company providing services on the financial market. That’s why we have strict adherence to international AML (anti-money laundering) and CTF (counter-terrorism financing) policies. To find out more, visit our AML/KYC page: https://www.capitalxp.com/compliance/aml-policy and terms and conditions: https://www.capitalxp.com/compliance/terms-and-conditions.

7. Personal manager and personal analytic:

Even Basic accounts have a dedicated account manager that will be glad to help make first steps into the market trading.

8. Cryptocurrency trading:

Cryptocurrency tradingTrade and withdrawal in cryptocurrency! We offer Bitcoin, Ethereum and other high-in-demand and secure cryptocurrency.

9. Mobile App:

Trade on the go with a pioneer mobile app that helps invest, keep track of the market news, open and close positions, deposit and withdraw money. Full access to charts, indicators, and educational tools is included, as well as a variety of financial instruments.

10. Customized trading experience:

There are several types of accounts that offer different features based on the customer’s needs. From Basic (introduction to the platform and financial market, personal account manager, access to educational tools) to Platinum (sentimental, fundamental and technical analysis; one-on-one tutoring in the MT4; strategies, both short-term and long-term; trading signals; risk management; personal skype service; senior account manager; daily market brief; VIP webinars and private webinars with experts; live trading with an expert) and even more!

To find out details, message your personal manager or our support team ([email protected]) will be glad to assist you in choosing your customized plan.

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