Does Costco Take Apple Pay? – Full Costco Payment Guide

published on: January 7, 2023 last updated on: February 7, 2023
does Costco take apple pay

It’s already a well-known fact that most Americans (more than 60%) use Apple iPhones. Therefore, it’s not very difficult to say that the use of Apple Pay will increase every day. However, does Costco take Apple Pay?

More and more businesses and stores are now getting in terms of online digital payments. Ever since the Covid lockdowns promoted the use of such payments, the use of cashless transactions has significantly increased.

Therefore, if you wish to shop from Costco outlets and stores, then it’s beneficial for you to read this post. Here, you will learn what types of payments are accepted by Costco, including Apple pay.

Does Costco Take Apple Pay?

If you wish to know does Costco take Apple pay or not, the answer is yes, they do accept payments made using Apple pay. Therefore, if you use an iPhone, then you obviously must have registered and connected your bank account with Apple Pay.

Like Google Pay, Apple Pay is widely accepted by many shops in the USA. It has become a pretty common method of payments made in the USA. This is the reason why most retail stores, groceries, and restaurants have NFCs with them. It’s with the help of these NFCs that users are able to pay using these digital payment methods.

This is the reason why most Costco stores in the USA have these NFC devices set up on all of their outlets. Sometimes, Costco might not accept Apple Pay. This is most likely because that specific Costco outlet might have a broken NFC device.

How To Use Apple Pay At Costco?

Does Costco take Apple Pay? Yes, they do! You can try doing the same by:

  1. Start by adding your credit card or debit card to your Apple Pay account.
  2. You may order items you need using the Costco Wallet app once your card and bank account have been registered with Apple Pay.
  3. Go to Checkout once you have decided on the goods you wish to buy.
  4. You can see all of your payment choices right here. Choose Apple Pay.
  5. You’ll now be taken directly to the Apple Pay application. Here, you must enter your PIN to complete the transaction.

What Other Payment Modes Does Costco Accept?

Costco accepts various other types of payments apart from accepting Apple Pay. Apart from Apple pay, here is a list of other payment methods accepted by Costco.

1. Debit Cards / Credit Cards

One of the most often used forms of payment is credit and debit cards. Costco is different from other retail stores in the USA that provide this.

Credit Cards

You may ask Costco to use your card to make the payment by simply asking them to do so. Your debit card or credit card must then be inserted into the card reader that the waiter, receptionist, or cashier will then provide you. You then enter your PIN code and go through the checkout process. The card reader will instantly create a bill that includes all taxes.

However, it’s best to keep in mind that not all debit and credit cards are not accepted by Costco. So far, only Visa cards have been accepted by Costco. Therefore, you will not be able to use any other types of cards, like Mastercard, Discover cards, and Express cards.

2. Costco Gift Cards

Customers occasionally receive several gift cards from Costco. You need to keep an eye out for them because they may be acquired from a variety of sources.

A Costco gift card may be used at any Costco restaurant by simply showing it to the cashier once you get it. They are also used at the drive-through. While you may occasionally receive free food from gift cards, this may not always be the case. These gift cards are frequently just substantial discounts that you may take advantage of when placing a Costco transaction.

Remember that the majority of these gift cards may usually be redeemed at the retailers themselves. When ordering using the Costco application, only part of these gift cards will be accepted (only if they are eGift Cards).

3. Google Pay

Does Costco take Apple Pay? They also accept various forms of payment. Another online payment option allowed by Costco is Google Pay. To pay in Costco restaurants, drive-throughs, and even for online purchases, just use the Google Pay app.

gogle pay

Simply choose the Google Pay option in your app when the payment is necessary. Your browser will instantly reroute you to the GPay app, where you must complete the transaction by entering your private PIN number.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

For people who are concerned with whether does Costco accept Apple Pay or not, here are the answers to some other questions they frequently ask:

Q1. Does Costco Gas Take Apple Pay?

Ans: Yes, all Costco gas pumps will accept payments made through Apple Pay. However, they might also not do so. This depends on whether that gas station has a working NFC reader or not.

Q2. What Payment Types Does Costco Not Accept?

Ans: While Costco does accept payments made through cards, some card formats are not allowed. So far, Costco only accepts Visa cards. Therefore, you will not be able to use any other types of cards, like Mastercard, Discover cards, and Express cards.


Regarding your inquiries, such as whether or not does Costco take Apple Pay, the answer is yes – they do. Nearly all of Costco’s payment systems accept Apple Pay for transactions.

This implies that you may pay for meals with Apple Pay, whether ordering in-store, via a drive-through or even through the iOS Costco app.

If you want more questions, such as does Costco take Apple Pay, leave a comment down below and check out our other articles!


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