You can save yourself both stress and time if you pack your moving boxes properly.

You should generally avoid using boxes that are full, too weak, or not taped up properly. Doing so could mean having to redo the packing all over again.

Fortunately, we are here to provide you with useful packing tips. The tips below are guaranteed to save you a great deal of stress. They include:


I. Using Durable Boxes

Using Durable Boxes

Acquire durable three wall gaylord boxes and then fill them up completely before you seal the lid. If you do this, you can stack another box or even several smaller boxes on top of it. You should also give the box additional strength by ensuring that the bottom of the box is securely taped.

You don’t want the boxes to open from either the top or bottom and you also don’t want to use weak boxes since this increases the risk of contents getting damaged.

II. Placing Lighter Items in Larger Boxes

pack large boxes

If you pack large boxes with heavy items, they will be too heavy to lift. It can be almost impossible to move some large boxes that are filled to the brim. Fortunately, it’s possible to avoid running into issues by packing some of the heavier items, such as books, into smaller boxes.

It’s generally advisable to place the heaviest items in a handful of boxes. You can balance those boxes with towels, soft toys, and other light items. You should always ensure that you place the lighter items on top of the heavier ones.

III. Use Bubble Wrap or Newspapers

Use Bubble Wrap

Always use newspapers or bubble wrap when you pack fragile items. If you hire professional movers, they will handle your boxes with care. Still, items inside the boxes can move around during transit, if the boxes aren’t padded.

Bonus Tips

You should also consider writing instructions on your boxes, if necessary. This may include instructions such as “Be careful, fragile” or “This side up”. If there are specific instructions on moving boxes, movers will know how to move boxes the right way. Write the same instructions on all sides of the boxes.

Ensure that all moving boxes are securely taped once you fill them. This will allow you to stack other boxes on top of them. It also provides an extra layer of protection for the contents. You should also consider writing your instructions on the tape.

Packed boxes should be stacked in neat piles to make it easier for the movers. This will allow the movers to easily get their trolleys under your moving boxes. In turn, your move will be completed in a more efficient way.

Finally, don’t forget to pack a small box containing the essentials you will need for the first night in your new house. Snacks, bottled water, toothbrush, and toilet paper are some of the essentials you should pack. You should also pack a spare change of clothes.

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