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Students receive all kinds of tasks and sometimes they need to write movie reports or reviews. They commonly have freedom of choice. One of the possible directions in cinematography can be paid to your teachers. There are not too many movies about teachers. Yet, you can find some pretty interesting pieces to describe in your essays, reports, and reviews.

At times, students watch movies in the classrooms. It’s up to your educators. They may not leave you the choice, but you may ask them to focus on the teaching industry. We guess your teachers will like this idea because it’s always pleasant when someone honors your profession and is interested in it. If you don’t know what pieces to watch in a classroom full of students or at home, we can help you! We have collected a few great options for this task. Therefore, read on to find out what we have prepared for you. Perhaps you would like to recommend them to your teachers and peers.


A movie Detachment is worth your time! We don’t know how many streaming services for schools show this piece, but it’s great. We want to warn you at once. It’s not that light movie you might think. Its final scenes may shock some of you. Nonetheless, they must be seen!

The plot focuses on a part-time teacher who teaches in various schools. He faces a lot of issues related to teens. One of them met a tragic end, but you will hardly guess who. The movie discovers various complicated situations that must be solved. Otherwise, young people will suffer greatly.

Dead Poets Society

This is one of the most famous pieces that offer to learn from movies. It is about a teacher who returns to the school where he used to study when he was a schooler. He tells an interesting story about him and his friends creating a secret society called Dead Poets Society. Some of his students decide to recreate that brotherhood again.

Here again, young people face a lot of problems. One of them is too high expectations from parents. One parent does not want to leave the choice of freedom to his son. He pushes on and the son tries to resist. Did he win? Watch and you’ll find it out.

School Of Rock

This piece can surely be seen on more than one educational streaming service. Although it doesn’t seem to be dedicated to teaching in its initial meaning, you’ll find out that it’s not quite so after you watch it to the end.

It’s a comedy, which focuses on essential points. One of them is freedom of choice. Another is to stop taking learning too seriously because it has many negative effects on your mentality. It’s also funny to find out that the teacher has no certificate for teaching. Yet, he proves to be inspirational for his students and teaches them a lot of essential things.

Dangerous Minds

If there is a classroom filled with students, the piece called “Dangerous Minds” should be watched one day. It is about a former military woman who decides to teach teens at a common urban school. Teens try to reject her and march over her. Thus, the woman changes her strategy. She applies unorthodox ways to connect with her pupils. She put aside textbooks and other common things to understand her pupils personally. This is a vital approach that is commonly denied by many educators. Thus, this movie can be helpful even for teachers. Mind that with a short budget, the movie became one of the leaders in the office-box when it was released in 1995.

Stand And Deliver

This movie appeared in 1988. We think it should be shown in the classroom one day thanks to the reality of events because it is based on a true story. The main hero of the film has a perfect job in electronics, but he decides to change his profession and become a simple teacher. The story seems to be made up, but it’s a real story. It shows have one person is able to change the destinies of many people. The teacher unites the group of Latin schoolers. The film is about the triumph of the underdog, redemption, and proving doubters wrong. It seems to be a pure miracle, but we can make the come to life if we want.

Lean On Me

This is another worthy piece of cinematography about teachers. The main hero is appointed as the intendant of the worst school in New York. We guess you already understood how difficult his task will be. It is really so and before everything starts to run smoothly, the new intendant must get rid of all the gangs in and outside school. His methods aren’t always delicate or mild. He deals with serious trouble and has to implement pretty much the same methods. It is really interesting to watch how the main hero tries to cope with all the hardships he faces. Watch it to see if he succeeds.

The Bottom Line

We really recommend reviewing these movies for the classroom. They teach a lot, make you think about vital things, and reassess your own values. Students can use the ideas centralized by those movies to get creative video project ideas for students. You can hire advanced writers if you have no idea how to write a good movie review.

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