You were scrolling through your phone when you suddenly got a suspicious message, “a trial deposit has been successfully made to your amazon creditbuilder.” wondering what does that mean?

Well, Amazon is one of the largest multinational companies in the world, with employees from across several countries. So there are a number of notifications that we get from the platform, and most of the time, we do not really understand the meaning of them all.

If you want to understand the meaning of the message “a trial deposit has been successfully made to your amazon credit builder,” you have reached the right place. Keep reading this article till the end to learn more…

A Trial Deposit Has Been Successfully Made To Your Amazon Creditbuilder: What Really Happened?

Before telling you the meaning of the message, let me tell you what really happened this one time when people started getting the notification that a trial deposit had been made on your Amazon credit builder. But what was that exactly?

This happened in the year 2019 when a lot of people or users of Amazon started receiving spam or fraudulent messages which stated that there was a trial deposit that was made to their credit builder on their amazon account. And this message was sent by Synchrony Bank.

The event caused a lot of alarm that year, and people were clueless as to what was happening. There were messages that had asked the users to take a few actions. The messages were on the lines of “deposit made on Amazon Credit Builder” and “action required.” and these were a series of emails that were sent within a span of an hour.

Who Got The Message?

Who Got The Message

As I have mentioned before, people across the world use Amazon for several purposes. They have over one million users on a daily basis. But did everyone get this message?

The answer is no. On November 25, 2019, these fraudulent messages or emails were only sent to the people who lived in the United States. They were sent from Synchrony Bank. Whether or not the users had an account with Synchrony Bank, they still got the notification.

Considering the fact that people who did not even have a Synchrony Bank account in the first place received the notification, it caused a lot of alarm. However, both Amazon and Synchrony Bank worked it out together.

Response From Amazon And Synchrony Bank

Response From Amazon And Synchrony Bank

As soon as people started receiving notifications and emails, they took to several social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to share their worries.

A lot of people were thinking about the meaning of this notification. But it was later clarified that the bulk notification was an error on the bank’s part!

While Amazon had mentioned that Synchrony is investigating the issue, the bank did not respond to the requests initially. The bank was overwhelmed by the number of calls and messages taught they reviewed from users across the country.

However, Synchrony and the people working there soon started replying to the tweets of the users. In one reply, the bank mentioned:

While the bank did not provide any reason for the error or other information related to the same, they soon issued an apology for the inconvenience caused. In addition, Synchrony started sending out emails to the customers that stated:

Synchrony started sending

There are a number of things that people started to understand as they got the emails from Synchrony. And these are the facts that Amazon and Synchrony Bank were related to each other in some way or another.

A lot of people ask whether Synchrony Bank is affiliated with Amazon. So if you are thinking about how these two platforms are related, I have the answer for you!

We all know that Amazon provides its customers with a number of offers and cards. Two of these are the Amazon Secured Card and the Amazon Prime Secured Card. Synchrony Bank issues these two cards.

According to Amazon’s Help & Customer Service, “The Secured Card features require a security deposit, the amount of which will equal the credit limit on your account. After 12 months, Synchrony Bank will determine if you are eligible to opt in to convert to the Store Card features of the account based on eligibility criteria and your credit profile.

Bottom Line: It Was An Error!

In case you are wondering what was the meaning of the message that circulated in 2019, which stated, “a trial deposit has been successfully made to your Amazon creditbuilder,” I hope that you found this article to be of help.

Also, if there is any other way in which I can help you out, please scroll down to the bottom of the page to let me know in the comment section.

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