how to file insurance claim against other driver

Facing an automobile accident is a traumatic experience. But one must not panic and take necessary steps in such a scenario. One of the significant steps is to know how to file insurance claim against other driver. Because bad drivers don’t always cause accidents, good drivers can do that, too. 

If you have faced a car accident, the first thing you do is inform the police and exchange data with the other driver party. They must be held responsible for documenting the damages caused. An insurance claim is the legal procedure to do so. 

This article covers all your queries – from filing an insurance claim to receiving settlements. So, be sure to read it till the end. 

Foremost Actions That Must Be Taken On An Accident Site

Foremost Actions That Must Be Taken On An Accident Site

Accidents are the worst experience in life, and when it comes to your most valuable asset, cars, it is even worse. You might have gotten into the fender bender or totaled the automobile. 

No matter how severe the accident is, there are some necessary actions that must be taken immediately at an accident site. Consider it a first-aid chapter we read in the 5th Standard’s Science book. Here are some of them:

1. Place Yourself In A Safe Zone

There are instances where the car is blocking the entire traffic. If you face something of this sort, move your automobile to the roadside- in a safer place. The first step is to inspect whether it is leaking gasoline, oil, or other fluids. If so, use emergency triangles or flares to warn passers-by.

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2. Inspect Injuries

Before you proceed with how to file insurance claim against other driver, you must check the areas in which you have been injured. Suppose the accident includes severe injuries, give a call to 911. Seek first aid till the ambulance arrives. 

3. Inform The Local Police

The third important step is to notify the police department. Sometimes, the police respond to only certain accidents at certain locations. However, they are bound to offer you first aid. Since insurance policies are time-sensitive, make sure to inform the designated department ASAP.

4. Exchange Driver’s Information For Filing Claims

Here comes the most critical activity in a car accident. If you want to file an insurance claim against the other driver, you will have to know:

  • Their name
  • Address
  • Contact Number
  • Number of the Driver’s License
  • VIN or Vehicle Identification Number
  • Contact Information of the Insurer
  • License plate number
  • Model and make of the vehicle

After gathering this data, you might have to verify the driver’s license physically along with the car registration. If possible, try to capture an image of the driver’s license, registration, VIN, and license plate number. 

5. Document Car Damages

As already mentioned, take pictures of the accident scene- if it asks for traffic signal shots. Shoot videos or photos of the places where your vehicle has been sabotaged. The state law might ask you to report the entire accident in the case of injuries or damages. Report it to the State Department of Automobiles in your area. 

6. Contact The Insurer

Finally, you have to call your insurance agent to get the details of how to file insurance claim against other driver. When you talk to him, he is responsible for guiding you through the following:

  • The coverages that you carry
  • Your coverage limits
  • Whether your policy covers a rental car or not
  • What’s your deductible

Next, the agent might ask you to submit proof of your car being damaged- whether in an in-person inspection or online. Generally, the agent requests you to send your car to a body shop that will be able to determine repair costs. 

So, How To File Insurance Claim Against Other Driver?

How To File Insurance Claim Against Other Driver

Coming back to the question, you can easily file a claim by seeking help from your insurance company- only when you have to own the coverage that requires your car repair. If you find another driver at fault for the mishappening, wait no longer to file an insurance claim against him. 

Third-party claims consist of both pros and cons. When you settle down on an agreement, their insurer might pay the claim, but yours might not. Here are some claims that you file in a car road accident: 

1. Claims Associated With Bodily Injuries

Some insurance companies only settle for a bodily injury claim after the completion of medical examinations. For example, if someone has broken their leg in an accident, there will be no claims provided until they have completed their physical examinations. Such claims insurance coverage consists of costs like:

  • Medical and doctor bills
  • Lost wages
  • Lab examination charges
  • Expenses related to rehabilitation

If you are the other party on whom the insurance has been claimed, you can take the help of PIP coverages and medical payments to cover these costs. 

2. Claims Associated With Property Damage

Proceeding with how to file insurance claim against other driver, the next claim is associated with your property damage. And by property, we mean your automobile and any other valuable. If the driver disagrees with your settlement amount, you might move forward and seek independent appraisal. 

But, the appraiser and insurance adjuster might identify the cash value of the car. If the damage exceeds your car’s pre-accident cash value, the insurance agency would consider it a total loss. For instance, if the market value of your vehicle is $10,000, you cannot seek a settlement exceeding $10,000. 

What To Do When Your Claim Gets Denied? 

What To Do When Your Claim Gets Denied

A lot of times, it happens that your insurance claim against another driver gets cancelled due to some reasons. It might be because of any of the following:

1. Lack Of Coverage

Various claims ask for specific coverages, without which you will have to pay from your pocket. In case an unlisted driver who belongs to your household has been involved while driving your car, chances are the insurance agency will deny the claim. Further, if you have an exceeding insurance limit, your claim amount is most likely to get rejected. 

2. Passing Fake Information

Do not get carried away with the thought of remuneration. The insurer takes no time in denying a claim that consists of false information. For instance, if you have parked your vehicle midway but you claim that you parked it in a garage, the insurance company will deny the claim if your car gets stolen. 

3. A Fraud Case

This is when the insurer suspects that no such accident ever happened or you are simply inflating the prices for repairs and treatments. Knowing how to file insurance claim against other driver is equally important as refraining from making a fraud case. Don’t let your insurer think that the accident was intentionally caused to receive remuneration. 

Coming back to what happens when your claim gets denied. In such a case, you will have to check your policy documents and call your agent about why the claim is not covered. In case you do not get a satisfactory explanation, the next step is to depend on your insurance or state contract. 

A lot of contracts let you use an appraisal procedure to pay damage amount disputes. All these cases let you register a complaint with the state insurance department, followed by your insurer. Typically, the state insurance department helps only if the claim denial goes against your policy term laws.

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The Bottom Line

The process of filing claims can vary from one provider to another. While you get to file your claim simply over the phone somewhere, other providers help you with filing online claims. The above-mentioned tips will take you to how to file insurance claim against other driver, irrespective of their type. 

It is important to comprehend the claim-filing needs of your insurance company. Doing your side of the work ultimately keeps you on the safer side. With this, I bring this comprehensive guide to an end. Tell us what you think about this in the comment section below.

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